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Comfort, Convenience and Superior Dental Care in Houston, Texas 77075

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Excellence in dentistry for your entire family

Is our goal at Pearland Family Dentist

You and your family deserve the best dental care for your smiles and our team at Pearland Family Dentistry want to provide you with that care. Our mission is to offer a relaxing place for our patients of all ages to receive advanced dental care, changing the way you think about trips to the dentist. From comfort amenities to cutting-edge options for general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we have the excellent dental care you need at Pearland Family Dentistry in Houston.

Everyone should have access to affordable dental care in an environment where they feel comfortable. At Pearland Family Dentistry, we strive to make sure all our patients can receive the dental care they need at a price they can afford. We accept many type of dental insurance plans and we make it simple to use your coverage. Our friendly team will help you decipher your insurance plan and submit your claims. If you do not have insurance, we have our My Family Dental Plan available, an affordable option to cover preventive visits and reduce your out-of-pocket dental costs.

Referral Program

For each person you refer, you will get a free gift and chance of winning monthly special giveaway!

Family Dental Plan

Our Family Dental Plan is $99 for single, $125 for Dual, and $150 for family, a very affordable solution.

Most Insurance Accepted

We accept most dental insurance plans. Our experienced benefit specialists will assist you in maximizing dental benefits
Comfort Is our Top Priority

Comfort Is our Top Priority

Any dentistry may have different goals, but at Pearland Family Dentistry, it is about you and your comfort.

Cutting-Edge Comprehensive Dental Services

offers a wide variety of dental services in one place

When you become part of the Pearland Family Dentistry dental family, you have access to the latest dental technology and a wide variety of services all under one roof. From your routine exams and cleanings to teeth whitening, dental crowns and root canal therapy, we have you covered. We offer dental care for kids, with sealants, fluoride treatment and tooth repairs, plus all the dental service adults and teens require. Some of our many dental treatments include:

Comprehensive Dental Services

Emergency Dentistry

We Offer Same-Day Emergency Dental Care in Houston, Texas 77407 such as extreme pain or infection, swelling, bleeding, or injuries to the teeth or gums, often require quick attention.

Dental implant repairs and restorations

When it comes to more serious dental issues, restorative dental treatments are often needed. Whether it is a dental crown, treating an infected tooth, extractions, or dental implants to replace missing teeth, we can perform your restorative dental treatments at our office.

Professional, in-office teeth whitening

A dazzling, white smile is equated with beauty and youth. Unfortunately, time, foods, beverages and other substances can alter the color of your teeth and leave your smile looking yellow or dingy.

Fillings, crowns and tooth repairs

With the advanced options in dental composite resin for fillings, most cavities and tooth repairs do not require metal or solver fillings. Instead, you can choose a less noticeable option when you choose us for your dental care.

Customized nightguards and mouthguards

Protecting your teeth against damage should be comfortable and simple. We can design and create customized athletic mouthguards and dental nightguards that are specifically formed to fit your teeth and gums.

Preventive care exams and cleanings

Dental exams or checkups are a vital part of preventive care for your smile. The best way to protect your teeth and gums against serious dental issues is to catch problem in the early stages.

Patient Reviews

Real People. Real Stories. Real Smiles.

Comfort and Amenities for Our Patients

in Houston, Texas 77075

While having the most advanced options in dentistry is important, we also know our patients want to feel comfortable when they come in for their dental visits. It is no secret that dental treatments are not fun for most people, but you may be surprised at how comfortable they can be when you become a patient at Pearland Family Dentistry. We have taken extra efforts to make our patients feel like they are relaxing at a spa instead of sitting in office.

Emergency Seen Immediately

in Houston, Texas 77075

Emergency dental situations, such as extreme pain or infection, swelling, bleeding, or injuries to the teeth or gums, often require quick attention – usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Monday & Wednesday: 9AM – 6PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 8AM – 6PM
Friday: 8AM – 3PM

8498 S. Sam Houston Pkwy E. Suite 1000, Houston,Texas 77075

(832) 649-7344

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Pearland Family Dentistry