5 Most Common Root Canal Myths Debunked

People normally freak out when their dentists inform them that they may need to undergo a root canal procedure. So if you reacted the same way, there’s nothing unusual about it. The internet nowadays is home to tons of information on the subject, however, root canals are still widely misunderstood. The dental world circulates a host of different myths on root canal – we’re not saying all of them are false.

There are some that are more or less true, but others are plain misconceptions. This post is aimed at dispelling the most commonly believed root canal myths. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know that the root canal procedure is just another dental treatment that shouldn’t be feared.

Let’s begin:

Myth 1: The Root Canal Procedure is Painful

The pain you’re mostly worried about is actually caused not by the progressively destructive tooth decay. Once the decay reaches the root, it results in an infection which hurts unless it is timely. When you undergo the root canal procedure, this tooth ache is substantially relieved. Thanks to the advanced technology paired with anaesthetics, one can compare the root canal to be as simple and painless as the dental filling procedure.

Myth 2: Root Canal May Cause Illness

In the 1920s, Dr. Weston A. Price promoted this myth in an attempt to make his patients opt for the pricey tooth extraction procedures, instead of the alternative treatment available – root canal (talk about marketing techniques!). However, this myth has been long debunked as no modern day dental practitioner could muster enough evidence to support Dr. Price’s research.

Myth 3: The Root Canal Has Temporary Benefits

This is complete falsehood. You should never fall for this one. Root canal is one of the most long lasting dental procedures performed in the dental world. It effectively relieves the patients’ toothaches, and reinstates and preserves the tooth for years. The main determinant of the longevity of the procedure is the ‘crown’. It is the final stage of the root canal procedure. If it is done correctly, your root canal can last you a lifetime!


Myth 4: You Need a Root Canal Only When You Suffer From Tooth Pain

We could have called the statement true if it did not contain the word ‘only’.  At times you need to undergo a root canal even if there is no pain. This happens when your tooth dies, but the infections from decay remains. If the infection is not removed, it can prove damaging to your oral health. Dentists perform special tests designed to figure out whether your dead tooth requires a root procedure or not.

Root canal is not a monster waiting to eat you up with the resultant pain. It is actually far healthier than getting your tooth extracted. Don’t take your unusual toothaches lightly; it may be disastrous for you in the long run. Find yourself a good dentist, and schedule an appointment to get your root canal procedure done.

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