5 Reasons Why Temporary Tooth Filling Is Not Good For You

Your teeth are sturdy structures but may suffer from a crack or a chip due to a sudden impact, so what to do then? Is a home-based temporary tooth filling a good option?

As much as DIY teeth fillings may seem convenient, they are not a good option when it comes to long term solutions.

They do more bad than good. First thing’s first, you are not a professional, so there are many errors; and when it comes to a hole in the tooth, the pain excruciates as soon as the exposed roots come in contact with a pain stimulus food.

Here are some things that may go wrong with your adventure, comprehend them and then decide which route is best for you.

Filling Falling Out

Self-use tooth filling kits are not strong enough to bond with your teeth like those at the dentist’s place. You only have to push them into a cavity with your finger. The lack of bonding makes them increasingly susceptible to falling out.

Breaking of Temporary Home-based Kits

The home kits’ fillers are quite soft compared to the permanent fillings. Therefore, chewing items that make use of the molars can result in teeth fillings to wear out fast.

The professional fillers are not available for regular people; there is no point in trying to get ahold of what the dentists choose over the counter. In short, this short-term filling material for your tooth is delaying the dental surgery you need to make anyway.

If you decide to let the broken tooth filling be there, bacteria can easily infiltrate the space and cause pain and decay.

Wrong colored fillings for your tooth

You may not get the color that matches your teeth resulting in a two-toned teeth shade that looks awful. The main ingredient that is present in them is zinc-oxide, giving them the characteristic grey color, which is unsuitable for long-term use.

Decay Is Still There

One of the reasons why one should go to the dentist after spotting a cavity is to get it cleaned. The bacterial load and consequent decay must be removed, or the tooth will continue to rot anyway.

The dental filling on your tooth only works after the decay is eradicated. There is a risk of extreme pain and tooth loss with bacterial presence under the tooth filler.

Bite Problems

The dentists make sure to set an even bite. If you have had a professional dental filling, you might remember biting down on a blue paper at the end.

This is done to even the bite and how the teeth meet, a phenomenon known as occlusion. This is not possible to do so at home with a DIY tooth filling kits at home.


So, what is the solution if a temporary tooth filling is not? Well, even in case of emergencies, you can always contact dentists; they are equipped to handle those cases. Our professionals from Pearland Family Dentistry will take care of you in any unforeseen case. Call to know more at (832) 649-7344.

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