Are Fluoride Treatments Safe?

For many years, public water systems in the U.S. have fluoridated their drinking water. Much evidence has shown that fluoride helps reduce cavities in teeth. Likewise, many toothpastes include fluoride for the same reason. Fluoride treatments from your dentist make your teeth more resistant to decay by fortifying them with additional fluoride directly to the tooth enamel.

Foods that you eat contain acids that can break down the enamel of your teeth over time. This loss of enamel is the cause of cavities. Fluoride treatments replenish the mineral fluoride to your teeth enamel to reduce the risk of decay.

Fluoride Treatments Protect Tooth Enamel

A fluoride treatment may be recommended by your dentist to help combat the bacteria caused by plaque which causes cavities. This remineralization of your tooth enamel is necessary to offset the mineral loss from the acids in your food. Fluoride can be found naturally in foods and, in combination with fluoridated water, has proven to help enamel loss, but there are times when a fluoride treatment is also needed.

Fluoride treatments not only prevent cavities and tooth decay, but can also reverse tooth decay in its early stages. Only a small amount of the fluoride in your food or drinking water will serve its intended purpose as a tooth decay preventative. Once ingested, the fluoride no longer re-mineralizes the surface of your teeth. An additional, topical fluoride treatment is often necessary to supplement it.

Some research suggests that too much fluoride in the diet can have undesirable side effects. As is the case with most nutritional resources, moderation is always important. It is important to note, however, that these findings are concerned with fluoride ingestion, not the topical application provided by a fluoride treatment from your dentist.

Safe Application of Fluoride at Pearland Family Dentistry

To do the job of strengthening your tooth enamel in defense against cavities, your dentist might advise that you have a fluoride treatment. This concentrated and direct application of fluoride onto your teeth will ensure your teeth receive the right amount of this important mineral without having to ingest it.

Your fluoride treatment will be applied with a gel so that your teeth receive all the proven benefits that fluoride provides without any waste. This is a much more effective preventive measure than fluoridated water, or even those mouth rinses you may be using.

Depending on your diet, the overall health of your teeth, and your personal oral hygiene, your Pearland dentist may suggest a periodic fluoride treatment to keep tooth decay from causing cavities.

Ask our friendly Pearland Dentistry staff about the many valuable dental services we offer. For our younger patients, it is very important that a proper amount of fluoride be introduced as early as possible, particularly as the first teeth are erupting. We can provide each family member with a treatment plan tailored to your dental needs.

The wonderful smile of your dreams is just a phone call away at Pearland Family Dentistry. We are dedicated to making great smiles a reality for every patient through caring, affordable dentistry.

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