Are These Drinks Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is a common issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with. For many patients, tooth sensitivity seems to be persistent. If you aren’t finding relief with topical treatments, specialized toothpaste, or dietary changes, the beverages you are consuming might be the culprit. Read on to learn about the drinks that can cause tooth sensitivity and when you should see a dentist about your problem.

Drinks That Can Cause Sensitivity

There are a few different drinks that can cause tooth sensitivity. For some people, the temperature of their beverages might be to blame. Pay attention to your symptoms and see if they are tied to hot or cold drinks. The ingredients in your drink might also be causing your sensitivity. Acidic and/or sugary drinks can weaken tooth enamel, making sensitivity worse. Coffee, tea, and sugary soft drinks might be causing your issue.

When To See a Dentist

If you are struggling with sensitive teeth, your dentist can help. Not only will your dentist be able to offer you solutions, but they will also be able to check for dental problems that might be causing your sensitivity, such as gingivitis or tooth decay.

Quality Dentist in Houston

Whether you are struggling with tooth sensitivity or any other oral health issue, it’s important to see a caring, professional dentist. The right medical professional will evaluate your needs and provide you with personalized care. At Pearland Family Dentistry, we value individualized care and will work with each patient to address their unique needs. Call us at 832-649-7344 to schedule your appointment today.

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