What Are Some Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings: Dentist In Houston

The filling is a form of dental restoration that aims to fill a cavity in your tooth to make it more solid and functional. Fillings are very common; Most people have grey fillings, which are incredibly noticeable when you smile, laugh, or eat. It’s one of the reasons why so many people prefer to have colored fillings. There are many benefits of tooth-colored fillings, such as greater confidence, more aesthetically pleasing teeth, and they don’t draw attention when your mouth is open. Let’s explore tooth-colored fillings in more detail.

It’s a very quick procedure

Usually, a filling procedure only takes about 10-15 minutes after everything is ready and you’re comfortable in your chair. The first part will involve removing parts of the dead tooth. That’ll be easy because your dentist will be able to spot which parts of the tooth need to be removed and which bits can be used to bond the filling onto. Therefore, we’ll already have a map of the teeth and a plan of action ready when you arrive.

Seamless appearance

Without a doubt, the main thing our clients worry about when it comes to fillings is appearance. You didn’t have a choice in the past; grey fillings were the only option. Unfortunately, over time, these can turn black. As you can imagine, people with these aesthetically unappealing fillings feel more self-conscious about their smiles. They try to prevent themselves from laughing in public in fear of showing them. However, the fillings we offer are tooth-colored, so they’ll fit the same shade your teeth are and become invisible to the naked eye.

Structurally intact

Fillings are one of the most advanced areas of dentistry because they are incredibly common. Additionally, technology and other methods have continually developed over the years. One of the benefits of fillings is that they leave the structure of the tooth intact. This means the strength of your bite is not weakened, making eating just as normal as it was before you had the fillings. Bits of the tooth are removed or shaved down to make way for the filling, but the structure is not weakened in any way.

Long lifespan

It’s up to you to take care of your teeth after the fillings have been made. Specifically, you should be brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and making sure the health of your gums is fine. Fillings usually last up to about ten years or possibly more.

Final Thoughts

If you need a dentist that can provide you with tooth-colored fillings, look no further as Pearland Family Dentistry can help. To learn more about what we can do or schedule an appointment, call us today at 832-649-7344.

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