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Do You Have Cavity On Front Tooth?

September 15, 2022 12943 Views

Everyone spots a black, brown, or yellow cavity spot on their tooth at least once. When the bacteria on your teeth react with the sugary foods and drinks, your teeth start decaying. Usually, people detect cavities on their molars and back teeth. But did you know many people get a cavity on their front tooth? … Continue reading “Do You Have Cavity On Front Tooth?”

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Here’s What You Need to Know if Your Teeth Feel Sensitive to Sugar

August 30, 2022 127 Views

A sweet tooth’s worst nightmare is having no access to their favorite desserts. But when your teeth begin to feel sensitive to sugar, it’s the one thing you need to watch out for. No matter how delicious the treat is, it’s not worth the sharp stab of pain afterward. If you’ve ever had to deal … Continue reading “Here’s What You Need to Know if Your Teeth Feel Sensitive to Sugar”

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Is There a Hard Bump on Your Gums? If so, Here are its Top 3 Causes

August 15, 2022 65 Views

If you notice a hard bump on your gums while brushing your teeth, the first thing you need to do is not panic. As jarring as it may seem, it’s okay. Surprisingly, it’s pretty common for odd bumps and lumps to develop on your gum line. Plus, it’s not like these little fellas are dangerous … Continue reading “Is There a Hard Bump on Your Gums? If so, Here are its Top 3 Causes”

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5 Reasons Why Temporary Tooth Filling Is Not Good For You

July 30, 2022 229 Views

Your teeth are sturdy structures but may suffer from a crack or a chip due to a sudden impact, so what to do then? Is a home-based temporary tooth filling a good option? As much as DIY teeth fillings may seem convenient, they are not a good option when it comes to long term solutions. … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Temporary Tooth Filling Is Not Good For You”

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Why You Have the White Spots on Your Teeth & How to Treat Them

July 15, 2022 102 Views

White spots on teeth can occur for multiple reasons. They can affect your smile and lower your confidence. Thus, it is better to know the reason for receiving adequate treatment. Why Do I Have White Spots on Teeth? Typically, white patches on teeth indicate a mineral loss in the enamel layer. But, this is not … Continue reading “Why You Have the White Spots on Your Teeth & How to Treat Them”

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Teeth Vs Bones

June 30, 2022 184 Views

You are not wrong if you think that teeth are bones just by the looks of it. They are white and sturdy, so it is natural for a commoner to have this established. However, this theory is wrong. Teeth are not bones, and we are here to tell you why. Granted, there are similarities since … Continue reading “Teeth Vs Bones”

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5 Stages of Tooth Decay – Explained

June 15, 2022 176 Views

If you have been experiencing dental pain, then it may be tooth decay. You may have already paid a visit to the dentist for cavities to know much they hurt. However, cavity is just stage 1 of tooth decay, and it evolves through a total of 5. All stages of tooth decay require a different … Continue reading “5 Stages of Tooth Decay – Explained”

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Can We Get Rid Of An Overactive Gag Reflex?

May 30, 2022 299 Views

What is a gag reflex? Well, it is a natural response by your body, in response to when a foreign body enters inside it. You can say that it is a form of protective mechanism in the body. However, it is an issue if this reflex is overactive. So, how to get rid of the … Continue reading “Can We Get Rid Of An Overactive Gag Reflex?”

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How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Gums?

May 15, 2022 215 Views

One is always vigilant when it comes to taking care of the teeth in the oral cavity, but what about gums? They are easily neglected, and people remain unaware of the changes happening to them. They remain unaware of the ongoing situation of the gums until they see a visible change, such as a white … Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Gums?”

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Pimple On Gums—Can I Treat It at Home?

April 30, 2022 1404 Views

Do you have pimple on your gums? It might be a boil. A gum boil is also called an abscess. Usually, bacteria, plaque, and food debris are behind gum boils. But in rare cases, it can also be a sign of oral infection. How To Know The Pimple On My Gums Is A Boil? The … Continue reading “Pimple On Gums—Can I Treat It at Home?”

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