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Tooth Pain From Sinus Infection

02/15/2021 429 Views

A leading cause of tooth pain can be a sinus infection or sinusitis (sinus inflammation). Sinusitis is a condition that occurs when a person experiences swelling and inflammation in the tissue that is lining the sinuses. Tooth pain from a sinus infection is felt in the upper back teeth. The toothache is caused due to … Continue reading “Tooth Pain From Sinus Infection”

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How To Prevent Dry Socket

01/30/2021 300 Views

When a tooth is extracted, a blood clot develops on the empty socket area to heal the surgery site. For a successful recovery, the clot must remain intact. Sometimes, the clot can become dislodged due to varying reasons, giving you a severely painful condition called dry socket. A dry socket can cause immense discomfort; therefore, … Continue reading “How To Prevent Dry Socket”

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Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To Body

01/15/2021 521 Views

There are several causes of tooth infections. They can take mild or severe forms. When the cavity enlarges, it can even reach deeper into the tooth, allowing bacteria to affect the nerves and cause a dental infection. The leading cause of tooth infection is poor dental hygiene that gives harmful bacteria a free hand to … Continue reading “Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To Body”

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How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

12/30/2020 515 Views

A patient wears a denture after the teeth extraction. Though many patients prefer to wear dentures immediately after having their teeth pulled, many are afraid of full-time commitment. Putting permanent dentures in the mouth right after a tooth extraction is not possible, and you’ll have to wait for some time before getting a set of … Continue reading “How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?”

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Can You Pop A Canker Sore?

12/15/2020 2768 Views

Canker sores are small painful lumps that can grow on the lips or inside the mouth. These tiny swellings contain a mixture of WBCs (white blood cells) and bacteria, and some other fluids and look like white-yellowish cysts with a red border. Anyone with canker sores can feel embarrassed, especially if they are dating, and … Continue reading “Can You Pop A Canker Sore?”

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What Are The Different Types Of Braces?

11/30/2020 506 Views

Different types of braces are suggested to promote your teeth’ alignment, such as metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and lingual braces. Different braces are recommended to different individuals as all the types of braces come with several advantages and disadvantages. Read further to know all the kinds of braces and their benefits/ drawbacks, to decide … Continue reading “What Are The Different Types Of Braces?”

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What are Orthodontic Separators/ Spacers?

11/15/2020 649 Views

Braces are what promise you a flawless smile you have been craving since your teenage years. But getting braces is just not simple as it sounds. There are several processes and appliances involved to give you the perfect fitted braces. Spacers for braces, also called dental separators, are one such appliance you will encounter during … Continue reading “What are Orthodontic Separators/ Spacers?”

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Why Do Braces Hurt The First Time You Get Them?

10/30/2020 455 Views

The first few weeks or maybe a month can be the worst for anyone who gets braces. Your teeth and jaw will severely hurt, and you will also have to deal with gum inflammation. The cuts on your lips due to continuous contact with metal brackets and wires will tell you to go to your … Continue reading “Why Do Braces Hurt The First Time You Get Them?”

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Some Common Side Effects of Novocaine

10/15/2020 5084 Views

At some time in life, we all need to visit the dentist to treat any sudden issue and maintain good oral health. Most of us need some kind of anesthesia when going for any type of oral procedure. Usually, that consists of a few shots of novocaine inside the mouth to numb the affected area. … Continue reading “Some Common Side Effects of Novocaine”

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Why Proper Tooth Brushing is so Important?

09/15/2020 721 Views

Nobody wants to have bad breath. Brushing properly and using mouth rinse may not be enough for everyone. When you realize that halitosis is more than just bad breath, you can begin to fix the problem. There are quite a few causes of halitosis and even more cures. What Causes Halitosis The obvious answer is … Continue reading “Why Proper Tooth Brushing is so Important?”

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