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How To Take Care of a Half-broken Molar Tooth? Tips For You

12/30/2021 707 Views

Your teeth is one of the strongest structures in the body, they do not break away easily. However, in spite of that they may still get damaged and break. It is more common than you think and can happen to any, incisors, canines or molars. If you have a half-broken molar tooth, schedule an appointment … Continue reading “How To Take Care of a Half-broken Molar Tooth? Tips For You”

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5 Effective Ways To Clean Invisalign At Home Without Assistance

12/15/2021 586 Views

Orthodontic treatments for straightening smiles have been in use for ages. Aligning crooked teeth does not just make the smile look aesthetically pleasing, but it is also good for complete dental health. While most people go for traditional treatment like metal braces, things have gotten easier now with more varieties, one of which is Invisalign … Continue reading “5 Effective Ways To Clean Invisalign At Home Without Assistance”

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Dental Implant Healing Stages – 9 Tips for Fast Recovery

11/30/2021 874 Views

A missing tooth is what makes you one step away from having a perfect smile. To fix this issue, dentists often resort to dentures. While it may sound convenient but it is not perfect for a longtime solution. You must have heard of dental implants, they are the most suitable option, however, post-op healing takes … Continue reading “Dental Implant Healing Stages – 9 Tips for Fast Recovery”

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Should I Be Worried About The Blood In My Mouth?

11/15/2021 42799 Views

Usually, blood in the mouth is not a condition to be scared of, be it in the morning or after sleeping for a few hours. However, it is not considered normal. There are many reasons to see blood in the mouth mixed with saliva after spitting first thing in the morning. One of the most … Continue reading “Should I Be Worried About The Blood In My Mouth?”

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Burnt Your Taste Buds? Here’s What you Can Do

10/30/2021 1259 Views

Your tongue is an organ made of muscles that house thousands of sensitive structures and help you taste things. These structures are called taste buds; imagine if they get burnt! How will you be able to taste anything then? Well, do not worry. Our body has great coping mechanisms, and fortunately, our taste buds slough … Continue reading “Burnt Your Taste Buds? Here’s What you Can Do”

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How Do I Get Rid Of Warts In My Mouth?

10/15/2021 15811 Views

Do you feel small circular bumps in your oral cavity? It could be a wart in the mouth. Warts are benign skin conditions known as papillomas caused by a virus named human papillomavirus HPV. It presents itself as a small, soft bump on the skin. They can appear long or round; if keratinization is single-layered, … Continue reading “How Do I Get Rid Of Warts In My Mouth?”

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Wisdom Tooth Infection – How To Treat Them

09/30/2021 994 Views

A wisdom tooth may be small, but its impact is huge on the body. Can’t eat or talk because of sharp pain at the back of your mouth? It could be due to a wisdom tooth infection. What is Wisdom Tooth Infection? It is the third molar, and the last to grow. Usually erupts between … Continue reading “Wisdom Tooth Infection – How To Treat Them”

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How To Remove Tartar From Teeth Without Dentist – 7 Tricks

09/15/2021 3843 Views

You’re happily sitting one random evening, and suddenly feel a piece of your tooth breaking loose from your gums? Don’t be scared; your tooth cannot just randomly break off. It is most probably tartar. Want to know how to remove tartar from teeth without going to a dentist? Firstly, let’s have an overview of what … Continue reading “How To Remove Tartar From Teeth Without Dentist – 7 Tricks”

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How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

08/15/2021 872 Views

Wisdom teeth removal is known to most adults. The eruption of wisdom teeth is problematic for many individuals. The oral issues common with wisdom teeth are: Partially erupted teeth – Sometimes, wisdom teeth erupt partially, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth opening. The result is inflammation, pain and infection. Misaligned eruption – Less space is … Continue reading “How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?”

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What Is The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

07/30/2021 572 Views

It’s not for all, but many people undergo wisdom tooth extraction. These are the last molars to erupt and can often cause several oral issues. In many cases, the removal of these teeth turns out as the best solution. While for some, the expenses may not be an issue, but many wonder about the cost. … Continue reading “What Is The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?”

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