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Dental Hygiene Blog. Everyone should have access to affordable dental care in an environment where they feel comfortable. At Pearland Family Dentistry, we strive to make sure all our patients can receive the dental care they need at a price they can afford. We accept many type of dental insurance plans and we make it simple to use your coverage. Our friendly team will help you decipher your insurance plan and submit your claims. If you do not have insurance, we have our My Family Dental Plan available, an affordable option to cover preventive visits and reduce your out-of-pocket dental costs. You and your family deserve the best dental care for your smiles and our team at Pearland Family Dentistry want to provide you with that care. Our mission is to offer a relaxing place for our patients of all ages to receive advanced dental care, changing the way you think about trips to the dentist. From comfort amenities to cutting-edge options for general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we have the excellent dental care you need at Pearland Family Dentistry in Houston. The enamel is the protective layer of the teeth and its high mineral content makes it quite strong. Once the enamel starts to demineralize i.e. lose minerals, the teeth become vulnerable to cavities. Signs of demineralization include white spots on the teeth and tooth sensitivity.

Dental Hygiene Blog. After undergoing restorative dental care e.g., extractions, implants, or root canal therapy, you may experience some of the following changes in your mouth. By knowing what to expect beforehand, you are better prepared to handle them when they happen. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissues. It is characterized by inflammation of the gums and minor bleeding while brushing and flossing. If left unattended, gum disease may lead to loss of teeth and gum tissue. Here are its major causes: Plaque This is the number 1 cause of gum disease.

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Preventive General Dentistry Procedures That Will Keep Your Mouth Healthy


The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to prevent problems from starting in the first place. This begins with good oral hygiene habits at home. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes is going to make your visits to the dentist considerably faster and cheaper. General Dentistry … Continue reading “Preventive General Dentistry Procedures That Will Keep Your Mouth Healthy”

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3 Tips to Anxiety-Free Dental Care


If the thought of a trip to the dentist makes you feel uneasy, nervous or worried, you are not alone. There are many people who are afflicted with dental anxiety or phobia to the point where they won’t even make an appointment. That shouldn’t be you and it doesn’t have to be. Delaying needed dental … Continue reading “3 Tips to Anxiety-Free Dental Care”

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What’s Trending: Arestin® Antibiotic Treatments


Periodontal disease is no laughing matter. Fortunately, there’s a treatment that can help target the infection that causes periodontitis. Read on to find out why Arestin antibiotic treatments are among the most buzzed-about topics in the dental field. What Are Arestin Antibiotic Treatments? As gum disease progresses, pockets begin to form between teeth and gums, … Continue reading “What’s Trending: Arestin® Antibiotic Treatments”

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NTI Treatments Provide Quick Relief for Migraines


Those who suffer from migraine headaches will want to know about NTI treatments if they haven’t heard about them already. Waking up in the morning with morning headaches, a sore jaw, stiff or sore neck or sensitive teeth is no fun. These symptoms may be a sign that you are clenching or grinding your teeth. … Continue reading “NTI Treatments Provide Quick Relief for Migraines”

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What You Should Know About Fluoride Treatments


Fluoride can keep cavities at bay while building strong and healthy teeth; but can you have too much of a good thing? Even though fluoride is a natural mineral with clear benefits, you can overdo it if you’re supplementing professional fluoride treatments with products containing too much of it at home. Why Should I Get … Continue reading “What You Should Know About Fluoride Treatments”

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Dental Sealants: Minimal Risk – Excellent Results


Brushing and flossing are the first line of defense against cavities, but they’re not always enough. This is especially true for molars, which bear the brunt of chewing and tend to have rough, uneven surfaces that harbor cavity-causing bacteria. Enter dental sealants, which can make a tremendous difference in the health of teeth. Who Benefits … Continue reading “Dental Sealants: Minimal Risk – Excellent Results”

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What is Involved Getting a Deep Cleaning


The best way to maintain good oral health is with twice-daily brushing and flossing. However, even the most proficient brushing can’t compete with regular, professional deep cleaning. This is why it is important to schedule deep cleaning with your dentist at least twice a year. A convenient way to do this is to get it … Continue reading “What is Involved Getting a Deep Cleaning”

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3 Advantages of a Custom Athletic Mouthguard


Anyone who plays contact sports without an athletic mouthguard is playing a risky game. If you have managed to play up to now without damaging any of your teeth, congratulations. At the same time, you may want to rethink playing without one. There are advantages in having a custom athletic mouthguard and those advantages extend … Continue reading “3 Advantages of a Custom Athletic Mouthguard”

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When Is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?


Most dentists recommend you keep your natural teeth as long as possible. There are many reasons for this, particularly as they relate to your oral and jawbone health. Even badly damaged teeth, when they can be saved and repaired, contribute to the health of your mouth. Though this is the case, there are situations in … Continue reading “When Is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?”

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You Can Stop Gum Disease from Getting Worse


What do you do when you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, or suspect you might have the condition? Soreness, swelling and bleeding of the gums can all be signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. While they’re progressive and can be quite destructive to your health, both can be treated. What is Gum Disease? The human … Continue reading “You Can Stop Gum Disease from Getting Worse”

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