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5 Stages of Tooth Decay – Explained

06/15/2022 34 Views

If you have been experiencing dental pain, then it may be tooth decay. You may have already paid a visit to the dentist for cavities to know much they hurt. However, cavity is just stage 1 of tooth decay, and it evolves through a total of 5. All stages of tooth decay require a different … Continue reading “5 Stages of Tooth Decay – Explained”

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Can We Get Rid Of An Overactive Gag Reflex?

05/30/2022 96 Views

What is a gag reflex? Well, it is a natural response by your body, in response to when a foreign body enters inside it. You can say that it is a form of protective mechanism in the body. However, it is an issue if this reflex is overactive. So, how to get rid of the … Continue reading “Can We Get Rid Of An Overactive Gag Reflex?”

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How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Gums?

05/15/2022 83 Views

One is always vigilant when it comes to taking care of the teeth in the oral cavity, but what about gums? They are easily neglected, and people remain unaware of the changes happening to them. They remain unaware of the ongoing situation of the gums until they see a visible change, such as a white … Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Gums?”

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Pimple On Gums—Can I Treat It at Home?

04/30/2022 145 Views

Do you have pimple on your gums? It might be a boil. A gum boil is also called an abscess. Usually, bacteria, plaque, and food debris are behind gum boils. But in rare cases, it can also be a sign of oral infection. How To Know The Pimple On My Gums Is A Boil? The … Continue reading “Pimple On Gums—Can I Treat It at Home?”

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Telltale Signs Of How Cavities Look Like On Teeth

04/15/2022 175 Views

Does your mouth sting when you eat anything, either hot or cold? Well, it might indicate the presence of cavities in your teeth. If you want to know what do cavities look like and tips for easily spotting them, give this piece a read for your answers. Let’s discuss everything you need to know. What … Continue reading “Telltale Signs Of How Cavities Look Like On Teeth”

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Reasons Why You Have White Spots On Tonsils

03/15/2022 490 Views

Waking up with tonsil pain, and white spots on it is normal. Two of the markers of this issue include swallowing pain and high fever. This piece is a perfect read for you if there are white spots on your tonsils; we have detailed the top 7 reasons with relief methods. Tonsillitis Mostly, inflammatory disorder … Continue reading “Reasons Why You Have White Spots On Tonsils”

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Canker Sore In Throat – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Explained

02/28/2022 583 Views

An aphthous ulcer or canker sore is a small bump that forms in the throat or tonsils. Usually, canker sores grow on the inner side of the lips or cheeks; however, they can also develop on the back of the throat. These lesions heal quickly on their own without medical intervention and are not contagious. … Continue reading “Canker Sore In Throat – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Explained”

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What Do I Do About The Black Spot On My Tongue?

02/15/2022 1033 Views

Our tongue handles one of the five senses – taste and additionally has more responsibility than that. The tongue is a natural cleansing agent present inside the mouth, which also serves as an indicator for overall health. The tongue changes texture or even color when there is something wrong in the body, such as the … Continue reading “What Do I Do About The Black Spot On My Tongue?”

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How To Stop Receding Gums – 7 Home Remedies For You

01/15/2022 330 Views

Can you see a gap between the teeth base and your gums? This issue may be your gums receding from the baseline. Read this blog thoroughly to know how to stop receding gums or their position from getting worse.  Gum recession is a very common problem amongst adults, and most of the population over their … Continue reading “How To Stop Receding Gums – 7 Home Remedies For You”

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5 Effective Ways To Clean Invisalign At Home Without Assistance

12/15/2021 581 Views

Orthodontic treatments for straightening smiles have been in use for ages. Aligning crooked teeth does not just make the smile look aesthetically pleasing, but it is also good for complete dental health. While most people go for traditional treatment like metal braces, things have gotten easier now with more varieties, one of which is Invisalign … Continue reading “5 Effective Ways To Clean Invisalign At Home Without Assistance”

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