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What is Gingivitis?

March 30, 2020 2433 Views

Gingivitis can be a scary word. However, this fear is mostly due to people not understanding the condition. But if you have gingivitis, then it important to learn more about this gum issue so you can get the correct treatment. Below, you will learn what gingivitis is, how dentists treat the condition, and what warning … Continue reading “What is Gingivitis?”

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The Major Causes of Gum Disease

May 22, 2019 878 Views

Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissues. It is characterized by inflammation of the gums and minor bleeding while brushing and flossing. If left unattended, gum disease may lead to loss of teeth and gum tissue. Here are its major causes: Plaque This is the number 1 cause of gum disease. Plaque forms … Continue reading “The Major Causes of Gum Disease”

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You Can Stop Gum Disease from Getting Worse

September 14, 2018 1982 Views

What do you do when you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, or suspect you might have the condition? Soreness, swelling and bleeding of the gums can all be signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. While they’re progressive and can be quite destructive to your health, both can be treated. What is Gum Disease? The human … Continue reading “You Can Stop Gum Disease from Getting Worse”

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What Are Receding Gums and Their Cure?

May 24, 2016 1955 Views

Receding gums are a common dental issue, which often goes unnoticed since those who suffer from this problem don’t always know about it. The only way for you to find out about receding gums is if you visit the dentist. What’s more, the whole process of receding gums is mostly gradual, which is why it … Continue reading “What Are Receding Gums and Their Cure?”

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