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3 Advantages of a Custom Athletic Mouthguard

October 13, 2018 1531 Views

Anyone who plays contact sports without an athletic mouthguard is playing a risky game. If you have managed to play up to now without damaging any of your teeth, congratulations. At the same time, you may want to rethink playing without one. There are advantages in having a custom athletic mouthguard and those advantages extend … Continue reading “3 Advantages of a Custom Athletic Mouthguard”

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4 Awesome Things About Custom Athletic Mouthguards

August 24, 2018 702 Views

If you or your children play certain sports, having an athletic mouthguard is essential. It’s obvious that some sports require these protective devices. Football, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling are some of the more obvious endeavors. Others not so obvious are basketball, martial arts, racquetball, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, gymnastics, surfing and more. For some of those … Continue reading “4 Awesome Things About Custom Athletic Mouthguards”

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How Wearing a Mouthguard Protects Your Smile?

July 29, 2015 524 Views

There never has been a year where Pearland Family Dentistry hasn’t told their patients about the benefits of wearing a mouthguard when participating in contact sports. However, our advice to them comes after they have sustained treatable dental injuries. If they had a mouthguard on, the extent of the dental injury could have greatly minimized. Since Pearland dentists aim … Continue reading “How Wearing a Mouthguard Protects Your Smile?”

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Custom Athletic Mouth Guards and Night Guards


If you are a parent with kids playing sports—especially high impact sports—you are no doubt aware of the inherent dangers involved. You’ve probably purchased shin guards, kneepads, shoulder pads and a helmet or two…but have you considered the risks to your child’s mouth? According to WebMD, 40% of mouth injuries occurring in adolescents and young … Continue reading “Custom Athletic Mouth Guards and Night Guards”

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