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What are Orthodontic Separators/ Spacers?

November 15, 2020 7879 Views

Braces are what promise you a flawless smile you have been craving since your teenage years. But getting braces is just not simple as it sounds. There are several processes and appliances involved to give you the perfect fitted braces. Spacers for braces, also called dental separators, are one such appliance you will encounter during … Continue reading “What are Orthodontic Separators/ Spacers?”

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July 29, 2015 987 Views

OrthodonticsĀ is the field of dentistry that pertains to the treatment and care of your teeth. In addition, orthodontist is the professional who develops the skills to practice orthodontists and this professional is concerned primarily with the study and treatment of your teeth and improper bite, which is also called the malocclusion. This can result from … Continue reading “Orthodontics”

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