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Regenerative Endodontics: The Wave of the Future?

August 15, 2018 1610 Views

The field of dentistry has several subgroups, each of which focuses on a specific branch of the field. Endodontics is that part of dentistry which studies and treats the nerve center of the tooth – the pulp and the tissues around the root of the tooth. Endodontics includes root canal therapy which is the removal … Continue reading “Regenerative Endodontics: The Wave of the Future?”

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Keeping Your Natural Smile with Endodontics

October 26, 2017 946 Views

A severely decayed or infected tooth was once cause for a tooth extraction. If the interior of the tooth was damaged, it often was removed to stop the pain and prevent further health issues. However, advancements in endodontics has made it possible to repair diseased or damaged teeth to help you keep your natural smile … Continue reading “Keeping Your Natural Smile with Endodontics”

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Saving Your Tooth with Endodontics

July 13, 2017 744 Views

When horrible throbbing pain from a toothache strikes, your first thought may be to have the tooth pulled from your jaw. If the pain continues for hours or days, all your thoughts may center around extraction. However, unless the tooth is absolutely ruined, saving your tooth with endodontics is the better choice.   What is … Continue reading “Saving Your Tooth with Endodontics”

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Endodontics Specialists: The Good Guys with a Bad Reputation

April 3, 2017 1355 Views

When many people are told they need to see an endodontics specialist for root canal therapy, they imagine the worst. Root canals are associated with dental pain and the specialists who perform them are often feared. However, endodontists, the specialists who perform root canals, are not the bad guys or gals. They are the specialists … Continue reading “Endodontics Specialists: The Good Guys with a Bad Reputation”

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