Cavity Reversal After Early stage 1 of Decay

According to American Dental Association, dental cavities are of the most prevalent diseases in human beings, both adults and children, with bad oral habits. This decay is a stage-wise process, so does that mean you can reverse a cavity?

A dental carry is a permanent phasic demineralization process; so can tooth decay be reversed? In short, no. You can’t reverse a pit or hole in the tooth. Still, there is a ray of hope to revert tooth decay in the early stage 1 of cavities.

How Can You Reverse An Early Stage 1 Cavity?

The entire truth is quite different. Remineralization at early stage 1 of cavity formation is possible because the issue is still in the outer layer only.

Can tooth decay be reversed? Yes, but only when it has not progressed into a hole or reached the inner depths. You can remove tooth decay yourself in this stage.

1. Start with curating an adequate oral hygiene routine to ensure complete dental plaque removal.

2. If you feel that the enamel is coming off, reverse the cavity by remineralization using fluoride toothpaste plus mouthwash.

3. Additionally, stop using processed carbohydrates and increase your intake of fresh fruits as well as veggies for strength on the inside; they are essential to fight bacteria.

Can Cavities be Reversed – Enamel Regeneration

Can you get rid of cavities on the front or back tooth without going for a filling process? Teeth are not like bones; they lack regeneration power. You cannot reverse that cavity that surpasses the enamel.

A hole in tooth enamel can’t grow back or fill on its own. But, if left untreated, it can slowly worsen to form a bacterial infection inside the tooth’s inner structure.

Stop Cavity Spreading

You can only manage a cavity at home if it has gone beyond the enamel toward the inner layers.

  • Diet modification – start slow and do not get rid of every sugar source from your diet at once. Therefore, the strategy is to limit the intake and then gradually decrease in portion. What effect will it produce? Less amount of sugar results in less reaction.
  • Fluoride remineralization.
  • Rehydration using ample fluids.
  • Treat your dry mouth condition – xerostomia, as it causes acidic build-up on the teeth surface due to less saliva to wash them away.
  • Regular supplementations provide the body with essential minerals.
  • Adequate oral hygiene regime that includes brush and floss.
  • Steer clear from acidic food.

To Conclude

You should stay up to date with your dental appointments to help in the early detection of dental carries so that there is no restoration issue and tooth decay can be saved. If you are looking for dental experts in Pearland, contact Pearland Family Dentistry at (832) 649-7344.

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