Choosing the Right Time of Year for a Dentist Appointment

Everyone knows that you should visit the dentist two times a year for a check-up! Often, though, people need to see the dentist more or less frequently. You should discuss with your friendly doctor at Pearland Family Dentistry about the frequency for seeing them!

After you have determined the frequency of dental visits, it’s then time to consider when to go! But when is the best time to see the dentist? With busy lives and erratic schedules, it is hard to determine the best time to get your pearly whites cleaned and checked on.

3 Reasons to Visit the Dentist in Spring & Fall

We think the best time to make your dentist appointment is during spring and fall. Here are 3 great reasons the best times of the year to make a dentist are the shoulder seasons—spring and fall.

  1. Summer is for Vacation (and Sunshine)
    The summer is a time for vacations and being outside. Even if the kids are off school, they are often full of summer activities, away at camp or having fun being kiddos outside. This means that scheduling an appointment in the end of the summer for fall, right before school starts, is a great idea. That way you and the kids start the school year with a fresh smile!
  2. The Holidays are Always Crazy and Busy
    Squeezing in a dentist appointment during the busy holiday season can be stressful and complicated. If you beat the stress and book an appointment before the holidays start, you will save yourself stress! We suggest booking a dentist appointment pre- thanksgiving or post Martin Luther King Day when your schedule is freed up and spring is on its way.
  3. Freshen Up Your Smile in Spring
    With the changing of the seasons, it always feels good to freshen up your look and update your smile. As the warm weather creeps in and the days start getting longer, it is a great idea to check in on your teeth. Also, in winter, we have a habit of eating fattier, heavier and even more sugary foods, so it is a good idea to ensure you don’t have any cavities when that season is coming to a close.

At Pearland Family Dentistry, we are available year-round for your dental needs. You can schedule a dentist appointment easily and quickly online or over the phone by calling us at 832-649-7344.

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