Decoding The Process of Teeth Whitening

Are you curious how dentists do that magic spell on your teeth to whiten them? Dentists possess state-of-the-art specialized tools to cater to your teeth. They have the expertise and experience to tailor treatments for your teeth needs, ensuring the best results. Here’s a brief breakdown of how teeth whitening works.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Back in the day, the terms teeth whitening and bleaching were used simultaneously because the process mainly relied on harsh chemicals to change the shade of teeth’ enamel, which often led to tooth sensitivity.

The good news is that nowadays, teeth whitening products are much safer and more effective, giving brighter smiles without discomfort.

Internal Bleaching vs. External Bleaching

There are 2 primary types of teeth whitening: internal bleaching and external bleaching.

  • Internal bleaching addresses discoloration within the tooth, which is usually a result of trauma or certain medications.
  • External bleaching tackles surface discoloration caused by staining from food, beverages, or tobacco products.

Active Ingredients

Teeth whitening products have one or more active ingredients specifically designed to break down stains in your enamel and give you a brighter smile. Hydrogen peroxide, a superstar in this regard, is the most common and potent active ingredient.

It disintegrates into oxygen molecules and water. These oxygen molecules move inside the enamel, breaking down stains into smaller, less visible particles.

For the best teeth-whitening results, you must diligently adhere to the product’s instructions. Only put a pea-sized amount of gel or strips that cover all visible tooth surfaces, ensuring not to hinder the gums in any way. Depending on your desired level of whiteness, you may need to repeat the treatment several times.

Types of Teeth Whitening

There are multiple ways in which your dentist can turn your yellow teeth into pearly whites. Below are the top 3 methods that are mostly used for this purpose.

  1. Bleaching: This method is the most sought-after choice for teeth whitening. It includes the use of hydrogen peroxide to break down stains and discoloration from your teeth. The process is simple: the bleaching agent is put on your teeth and then rinsed off.
  2. Polishing: Another common technique is polishing. A sandy paste or powder gently scrubs away your surface stains. In this technique, you have the ease of performing it at will since polishing at home with the help of OTC over-the-counter products can be done.
  3. Laser Treatments: While it is the most expensive option, they are indeed the most powerful one, too. A special laser device breaks down stained molecules within your tooth enamel, helping in easy removal.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Teeth whitening results usually last for a few months to even years if taken care of properly, allowing you to enjoy your smile with confidence. However, there are certain factors, like your dietary choice and smoking habits that can slowly diminish the brightness over time. So, making the right choice is critical to maintain your results.

Closing Note

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