Dental Implants Vs. Dentures for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a big problem. If you are dealing with a missing tooth (or multiple missing teeth), then you are probably desperate for a solution. Luckily, there are different dental procedures that can help. Which one should you pick? That depends on several different factors. Below, we will explore the pros and cons of two popular solutions for missing teeth.

Choosing Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best solutions for missing teeth. This is because the dental implant creates a strong place for an artificial tooth to rest. The implant itself is not your artificial tooth. The implant is more like a tooth’s root. It is a small titanium post. Over time, this material will fuse with your jaw bone to create a strong substitute for a tooth root. Then, a crown is attached to the implant. The crown will look just like your real tooth did.

Dentures Can Be an Alternative

While dental implants are strong and permanent, they are not the right choice for everybody. Some people cannot go through surgery for health reasons, while others have a mouth issue that prevents implants from being the best option. Moreover, some people would simply prefer a removable device.

In these cases, dentures are a great alternative. Today’s dentures are expertly fitted and also look completely natural. They don’t require any sort of oral surgery so they are perfect for patients with health conditions. They are also great as a temporary option while you decide if implants are right for you.

Other Cosmetic Services

Depending on your tooth needs, other procedures might be an option for you. Dental bridges are a great choice for people who are missing a single tooth. Other treatments like veneers, bonding, and professional whitening will change the look of your smile without replacing missing teeth.

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Missing teeth can affect your life in a huge way. You don’t have to live with this discomfort! We can help whether you are interested in implants, dentures, or other type of cosmetic dentistry. Call Pearland Family Dentistry at 832-649-7344.

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