Dentist or Beautician: Whom Should You Visit for Teeth Whitening?

Two types of professionals carry out teeth whitening, dentists and beauticians. Lately, it has come to Pearland Family Dentistry’s attention that people are becoming confused in making the choice between the two. They do not know whom they should visit for teeth whitening, a beautician or us. We are here to assist them in their confusion by helping them choose.

Should You Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

If you want a correct diagnosis of the state of your teeth, you should definitely visit a dentist. They are qualified to make the right call when it comes to getting that glowing smile. They will be able to tell you exactly on the type of whitening you should choose. In some cases, you might think you need teeth whitening, but the dentist will report to you that you need an entirely different dental procedure.

Should You Visit a Beautician for Teeth Whitening?

Beauticians are not trained in dentistry and will not be able to tell you the cause of your teeth discoloration. They will also be unable to tell you what the end result of the teeth whitening will be so you will in for a surprise when you see your smile for the first time in the mirror. Why does getting the cause or diagnosis for teeth discoloration even matter?

For once, it will be a complete waste of your precious time and money. You might not get the smile you want and reversing it will cause you more money. Basically, when you visit a beautician, you are experimenting with your smile. Since going to a beautician is inexpensive, you might not think of it as wasting time, but it will all add up, especially if the color of your teeth appalls you.

Will a Dentist or a Beautician Brighten Up Your Smile?

Both will, except one will have more training than the other. It will highly unlikely for the beautician you visit to have gone through five years of dental school. You do not want to visit someone who is unable to tell the difference between restored and natural teeth. In fact, Pearland Family Dentistry has repaired the smile of many patients who went to a beautician to get their teeth whitened, only to be left with a rainbow of colors, and that is just the icing on the cake.

Another worst case scenario is of people going to a beautician who was unable to spot any problems with the teeth. It resulted in the patient screaming with pain as the beautician put whitening on their teeth.

If you are confident of not having any issues with your teeth, go to a beautician, that is, if you want to take that chance. If you want to take the safest route to getting your teeth whitened, you need to visit Pearland Family Dentistry. Our highly qualified dentists will look at your teeth, distinguish any issue with it, fix the issue, and whiten your teeth to give you the bright smile you always wanted.


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