Do You Have A Greater Tendency For Cavities?

You brush your teeth twice a day, floss to get rid of every bit of impurity in your teeth and even be paranoid enough to top it all off with an oral anti-bacterial rinse. So how is it possible that you are still plagued with cavities? Don’t worry! If you think you are the only one, you are not. People with excellent dental care routines can be prone to having cavities.

You might observe that some family members or friends might not have the same level of diligent dental health care routine as yours, and they have never complained about cavities. So why are you more susceptible to getting cavities than someone with improper teeth cleaning routines? The reason for that may not even depend on your dental care routine. It is all dependent on the lifestyle and diet choices that you make on a daily basis that can cause cavities.

Here are some of the most common reasons for being more susceptible to cavities than others are;

Eating Habits

If you are getting cavities, the first thing that should observe is your eating habit. Your diet can be a direct result of cavities. If you indulge in too many sugary, salty and oily snacks and sweet beverages, this can cause major problems for your dental hygiene. Cutting out extra sugar and salt should be your first priority when you are cutting back on things that compromise your dental health. The only way your diet will not affect your teeth is if you immediately rinse your teeth with an oral rinse, or brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

If not, then the sugar will sit between the gums and teeth crevices, fueling the formation of bacteria that can erode the tooth enamel, which is the only barrier that defends the teeth against decay and causes cavities. Avoid any sweet juices, carbonated drinks and carbohydrates. Instead, opt for a healthy snack. You can eat crunchy vegetables which are high in vitamins in minerals, like celery and carrots, and drink enough water to flush away any food debris. These fresh products won’t leave behind any particles and you won’t need to brush your teeth to get rid of teeth-decaying particles.

Dry Mouth

If you often have a dry mouth sensation, you are more prone to cavities than others are. The reason for that is apparent; saliva counteracts cavities and washes away destructive food particles and bacteria from your mouth regularly. If you suffer from dry mouth due to chemotherapy, sickness or as a side effect of medication, ask your family dentist in Pearland to prescribe you enamel enhancing mouthwash to combat the lack of moisture in your mouth. Moreover, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and ask your family dentist in Pearland for additional treatments for the dry mouth syndrome.

Gum Recession

The roots of teeth can become exposed if the gums recede far into the mouth. This will make the base of your teeth vulnerable and can cause tooth decay and cavities. Brush regularly or ask your family dentist in Pearland if the gum recession can be avoided or if it is a result of a more serious health issue.

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