Do You Have Cavity On Front Tooth?

Everyone spots a black, brown, or yellow cavity spot on their tooth at least once. When the bacteria on your teeth react with the sugary foods and drinks, your teeth start decaying. Usually, people detect cavities on their molars and back teeth. But did you know many people get a cavity on their front tooth? Not only is it a symptom of tooth decay, but it also ruins your smile. Carry on reading to learn more about this condition.

Types of Cavity That Develops on Front Tooth

Both children and suits are susceptible to developing cavities on their front teeth, which can develop in three ways.

Many people might spot the cavity on the front surface of their tooth. This area also comes in contact with foods and drinks more than the back or sides.

Debris, like bacteria and food, gets stuck between teeth. Even with proper oral hygiene, you might notice a cavity sneaking from between your teeth. A fluoride gel can come to the rescue if you detect it in the early stages.

The back of your front tooth may seem like the least likely place for tooth decay, but it is vulnerable to it too. Simply put, the backside of your front teeth can also form cavities.

What Causes Cavity to Form on Front Tooth?

The cavity starts as a white spot. The sooner you notice it, the beneficial it will be to get treatment. There is no particular reason for tooth decay on the front tooth; it happens for the same reasons regardless of the spot.

Some reasons children or adults might notice these discolored tooth decay spots are:

In Children

You might notice cavities in your child’s teeth for multiple reasons. Not to mention, it is much more common in kids due to:

  • Baby bottle tooth decay occurs because of prolonged bottle use. Consequently, cavities appear on their incisors.
  • Children enjoy sipping sugary sweets and drinks, leading to the front tooth cavity.
  • Some parents share utensils or pacifiers among children without giving it much thought, which can be risky. Doing so can lead to tooth decay along with other oral health issues.

In Adults

Adults are not safe from front tooth cavities either, and some causes of this are:

  • Not following a proper oral hygiene routine, like improper brushing and flossing.
  • Intake of sugary or acidic foods and drinks.
  • Stomach acid backing into the esophagus is also called acid reflux.
  • Crooked teeth make it hard to brush all the surfaces of teeth due to tight spaces.
  • Insufficient fluoride supply
  • A dry mouth can decrease salivary flow and result in tooth decay.

Treating Cavity on Front Tooth

No matter where the cavity is, your dentist can fix it. Some treatment options to fix a cavity on the front tooth are:

  • Dental filling
  • Veneers
  • Crown


A cavity on the front tooth can ruin the aesthetics of your smile and be detrimental to your oral health. Our Pearland Family Dentistry experts can treat your dental problems. So when you notice a cavity spot on your teeth, dial (832) 649-7344 to schedule an appointment with us.

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