Do You Know These 6 Tips on How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom tooth extraction pulls much of your dental problems out. Still, you have to wait a few more days after the extraction to be free of pain. Your oral surgeon will give you particular aftercare instructions after wisdom tooth removal; follow them to avoid any complications. From how you sleep to the food you eat, you have to be careful about everything. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to sleep after wisdom teeth removal.


Helpful Tips on How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people dread the aftermath of wisdom tooth removal since it affects many areas of our lives. Yes, the discomfort might make it challenging to get a peaceful sleep. But here are some things to do and avoid when you sleep after wisdom teeth removal:

1. Take the Prescribed Pain Medication
You might experience some pain once your anesthesia wears off. The resulting pain and discomfort can give you trouble falling asleep. This is where the pain medications your dental surgeon prescribed will come in handy. Therefore, don’t skip taking your pain medications as instructed by your oral surgeon.

2. Sleep on Your Side
It is better to sleep on your side on the first night after the surgery. Since the extraction site might ooze initially while recovering, try sleeping on the side. This is because sleeping on your back might result in increased swelling and discomfort.

3. Elevate Your Head
Keep your head elevated while resting on the first few nights following your wisdom tooth extraction. A single pillow will be enough if you’re sleeping on your side. You can pile a few clothes behind you and lean slightly back if side sleeping is not working for you. This will help reduce the swelling. Plus, an elevated head will also promote clotting.

4. Follow Your Dental Surgeon’s Instructions
First of all, rest after your surgery, as straining yourself too hard can interfere with recovery. Therefore, take a few days off work and rest. Restful sleep will come when you listen to your oral surgeon’s aftercare instructions, like:
• Cold and warm compresses until you go to bed
• Avoid physical activities, especially the strenuous ones
• Keep yourself hydrated, but avoid using a straw
• Refrain from smoking and tobacco use
• Eat a nutritious soft food diet before sleeping
• Don’t brush around the socket, at least in the first 24 hours
• Take out the gauze before sleeping

5. Sleep Early

Get the rest your body deserves after going through a wisdom tooth extraction. Therefore, don’t stay up late. Try going to sleep early after wisdom tooth removal instead. Doing so will allow your body to relax, helping you recover well.

6. Remove the Gauze
Lastly, remove the gauze from your mouth before you go to sleep after your wisdom teeth removal. Sleeping with gauze is a choking hazard. Hence, ask your dentist when to remove it; they usually recommend 30 minutes after the surgery.


What Should I Do?

It can be difficult to sleep after wisdom teeth removal, but now you know how to. Make sure to stick with the instructions your oral surgeon gave you for a better recovery. If you have any complications after the surgery, visit a reputable dental office like Pearland Family Dentistry. Dial 832-649-7344 to contact us today.

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