Family Dental Care Begins with Two Regular Dental Visits

Someone once said the two most important things an individual can invest in are good manners and good teeth–a lesson the whole family can get behind. While good manners are learned through practice, good teeth are maintained through habit. It’s quite possible, maintaining a good set of teeth is the easier option of the two. In fact, the first step in family dental care begins with two regular, yearly visits to your dentist.

The Benefit of Two Regular Dental Visits

Making an appearance to see your dentist every 6 months encourages a healthy relationship between you and your mouth. While it’s easy to think brushing every day and flossing occasionally will keep your teeth and gums in perfect health, which is not always the case. By allowing a dental hygienist and a dentist the opportunity to look in your mouth, you can ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep yourself proactive about good health.

It’s important to develop good habits for our children, as well. Making these appointments as a family helps instill a positive influence when it comes to family dental care. A visit with a hygienist every 6 months for a deep cleaning helps keep stains and buildup at bay. Not only will you have sparkling clean teeth before you leave, but you’ll also encourage healthy gums and fresh breath in the process.

What to Expect During Each Visit

While each family dental care visit will result in a deep cleaning session with a hygienist who will scrape and scrub any buildup from your teeth, you’ll also see the dentist. The dentist will inspect and examine your teeth to make sure there isn’t any growth or shifting that requires attention. They will also look at your gums and your tongue as a precaution, an effort to catch any potential issues before they become major concerns.

During one of the family dental care visits, an x-ray of your mouth will be taken. Doing so allows the dentist to see how your teeth are forming and aligning within the gums. In younger patients, they will be able to see adult teeth in waiting, allowing them to address any issues of spacing or crowding as they grow in. In older patients, x-rays can reveal the timeline for wisdom teeth or other age-specific dental issues.

The Importance of Family Dental Care

While making a point to visit the dentist twice a year can help the overall health of your mouth, it could also encourage positive health habits for the rest of your body. If you’re near the Houston area, the friendly professionals at Pearland Family Dentistry are already waiting for you.

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