Foods that are Harmful to Teeth

All foods affect the mouth one way or another; that’s why dental professionals recommend that you floss every day, and brush at least twice daily. Some foods are, however, more harmful to the teeth than others. Even if you observe good dental hygiene, you need to be mindful of how you consume the following:

    1. Citrus

Either as fruits or in juices; oranges, limes, and lemons are very tasty. They are also rich in vitamins that are good for the body. However, citruses contain citric acid, and this acid erodes the enamel. The enamel is the protective layer of the teeth, and if it is compromised, the tooth is exposed to infection. Erosion of the enamel may also cause your teeth to look stained and yellowish.

Because of how nutritious they are, you can’t remove citrus fruits entirely from your diet. Just be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating them.

    1. Ice

Don’t throw out your ice trays just yet. Ice, on its own, is not harmful to the teeth. As long as you don’t chew the cubes. Chewing hard substances likeice—may cause your teeth to break or chip. It may also damage your enamel. And as discussed above, a damaged enamel is bad news.

    1. Sour candies

Well, sour candy is not food. Also, you must have heard in the past that sweets are bad for the teeth. However, it is important to emphasize this point in the case of sour candies. This is because 1) they contain acids that are tough on the enamel and 2) they are sticky. Sticky sweets are harder to clean off. And If sugar stays too long around the teeth, it causes tooth decay.

If you indulge regularly in any of the above, you may have one undiagnosed dental problem or another. If you live in Texas, drop by Pearland Family Dentistry for a quick checkup. Call 832-649-7344 for any inquiries or to make an appointment.

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