Foods that cause the most dental problems

Most people think that tooth decay is caused only by sugar. They couldn’t be more wrong; sugar isn’t even the worst thing out there for your teeth. Any carbohydrate can end up damaging your teeth but it happens at a very slow rate and can be combated with regular tooth cleaning and mouthwash. The stuff we are talking about is bad for your teeth to a much higher degree than sugar.

Foods with starch that gets stuck in between your teeth

This is one of the easiest ways to end up with damaged teeth. People love eating starchy foods like potato chips and do not even think that their teeth are being damaged. If you eat potato chips and manage to chew and digest everything then no damage will be caused. The issue is that too often little pieces of such foods get stuck between the teeth. So a tiny particle full of starch of potato chips gets stuck and it keeps causing damage. These foods are soft which means they can get really inside the areas between your teeth and they can even survive brushing and mouthwash.


Flossing is the only way to make sure that no such particles are stuck in your teeth and damaging them from the inside.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks are trouble because they are a combination of things that all cause tooth decay. In soft drinks, you find sugar, citric acids, phosphoric acids, and much more at the same time. If you have soft drinks every now and then you are fine; if you have soft drinks daily then your teeth may be in trouble.


Cut down on soft drinks. It is great for your overall health as well.

Anything that dries out your mouth

Here’s the deal: The human body is great at managing itself most of the time. All the saliva in your mouth isn’t there to annoy you, it performs important functions which protect your teeth as well. If you like alcoholic beverages which leave your mouth feeling dry then you are at a high chance of getting tooth decay.


Try drinks that won’t dry out your mouth. If it is a regular issue then you can get some fluoride gel as well.

Acidic Foods in General

Acids break down the enamel in your teeth. The enamel in your teeth is the strongest protection your teeth have. There is almost no way to get lost enamel back so you really, really need to make sure you cut down on Acidic foods.


Moderation seems to be the only solution. We love coffee and cheese as much as any other person, as long as you consume these things in a moderate amount it shouldn’t be an issue.

Sticky Foods

Your mouth is pretty good at taking care of itself. When you eat something sweet it mostly gets washed down and thus does not damage your teeth at all. The issue is when you eat something sticky it ends up sticking to your teeth which is very bad. Teeth aren’t meant to be soaked or have anything stuck on them and they can completely lose their enamel due to sticky foods.


Try to avoid sticky candies and sweets. Some are fine but try to make sure you take measures to ensure nothing is stuck to your teeth.

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