Getting Your Kids Excited About a Dentist Appointment

Sometimes, getting your kids out of the house and into the dentist’s chair is a struggle. Kids can be intimidated by the dentist or have pre-conceived fears about the dentist that you may have to overcome before they show up at their dentist appointment.

Here are 4 helpful tips for getting your kids excited about going to your family dentist:

Pick a Kid Friendly Dentist

The first step in getting your child excited about their dentist appointment is researching and finding a kid friendly dentist in your area. Some dental offices are more suited for having children there, and having a dentist that is experienced in pediatric dentistry is crucial. You want to visit a dental office with a comfortable and kid friendly atmosphere. For example, they should have toys in the waiting room for your enjoyment before the appointment.

Make Brushing Their Teeth Fun

A great way to encourage healthy teeth and an enjoyable dentist appointment is to make brushing teeth fun at home! You can create fun habits by buying toothbrushes that are their favorite cartoon character, giving them rewards for good teeth brushing and even making flossing fun!

Be a Good Example

As parents, it is crucial to talk positively about the dentist experience in front of your kiddos. If you talk about how much you hate going to the dentist, your kids are going to anticipate a bad experience there. Try to stay positive about the dentist and talk about how healthy and clean your teeth feel after your appointment!

Have a Relationship with Your Dentist

Lastly, it helps kids get excited about the dentist when they are seeing someone who is familiar. In order to do this, try to develop a relationship with your dentist and see the same dentist every time you get a checkup. This will help kids become comfortable and can definitely increase excitement in the dentist office. You can also mention that they will be receiving good feedback for taking such good care of their teeth at home!

At Pearland Family Dentistry, we want your entire family to be excited about your dentist appointment. Our goal is to create a kid friendly environment at our office in the Houston area and help you teach your kiddos to be excited to visit the dentist. Schedule an appointment with us today for you and your family!

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