How Do I Get Rid Of Warts In My Mouth?

Do you feel small circular bumps in your oral cavity? It could be a wart in the mouth. Warts are benign skin conditions known as papillomas caused by a virus named human papillomavirus HPV. It presents itself as a small, soft bump on the skin. They can appear long or round; if keratinization is single-layered, it appears pink like a film. On the other hand, heavy keratinization gives it a white look.

A wart in the mouth is a cystic or solid raised spot on the skin, like a lesion pushed up less than a centimeter in diameter. It appears on the gingival (gums), labial mucosa (inner lining of the lips), roof palate, or tongue. They start small and grow in size eventually.

How long do Wart in Mouth last?

Warts inside the mouth stay for long. Usually, their time span varies from six months to two years! That is a lot. You must get it checked by your physician or a dentist if the wart surpasses six months since there is a chance that it could be cancerous.

Types of Wart in Mouth

Warts, as discussed earlier, are a product of the HPV virus. It has various strains which exhibit itself on various parts differently.

Squamous Papilloma
The lesions resh2ble cauliflower and are caused by HPV strains six and eleven. It can resolve without medical care, but it will take years to do so. It is best to notify your doctor as soon as you recognize this wart in mouth.
It occurs commonly on the tonsils, tongue’s base, and/or tip; and to a lesser extent on the hard palate, gums, pharynx, epiglottis, and uvula.

Verruca Vulgaris – Common Wart
This kind of wart appears mostly on hands due to strains two and four. It is often common in places where there are more chances of trauma and can grow on any part of the skin or any mucocutaneous surface.

Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia
Also referred to as Heck’s disease, it results from HPV strain thirteen and thirty-two. In this condition, the wart in the mouth grows papules having white or pink color giving it a cobblestone appearance.

Condyloma Acuminate
These warts do not inhabit the mouth but are found in the genital region. However, if the infected person indulges in oral sexual contact, then only it can spread to the mouth. It is caused by strains two, six, and eleven.

How Does A Wart Spread?

Wart in mouth or any other area is contagious. The virus causing this issue can spread by sharing an infected individual’s towels, clothes, or close skin-to-skin contact. It is more common that the spread takes place due to damaged skin.


A wart in the mouth is mostly not harmful, but it can be bothersome if the size is big or painful. Your dentist will give you two options to choose from.

In this procedure, the doctors rh2ove warts by freezing thh2 up. First, they cut open the wart. Then, liquid nitrogen is dabbed in an adequate amount on the affected area for freezing using a cotton ball. Carbon dioxide is another alternative that can be used.

This therapy may be painful. Your doctor or dentist may apply a local anesthetic for your ease.

Electrocauterization is a very common procedure to stop bleeding, rh2oval of abnormal tissue, and to prevent infections. Along with these, it also effectively gets rid of warts. A low voltage probe sends electric shocks burning the affected tissues.

It is best not to leave a wart in your mouth untreated. For a consultation, please visit Pearland Family Dentistry in Houston, Tx or call (832) 649-7344 to set up an appointment.

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