How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled?

A patient wears a denture after the teeth extraction. Though many patients prefer to wear dentures immediately after having their teeth pulled, many are afraid of full-time commitment. Putting permanent dentures in the mouth right after a tooth extraction is not possible, and you’ll have to wait for some time before getting a set of false teeth. A huge change occurs to your mouth after teeth extraction. Unlike a small cut that recovers quickly, having a tooth pulled leaves behind a significant hole in the gums that don’t heal within a day or two. Below you will know the recovery time after tooth extraction that is needed before getting dentures.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled

The length of time it takes to place dentures depends on the type. The dentures made custom to a patient’s requirements take around three to six months to fit in the mouth following the tooth extraction. This much time is required for the gum tissues to heal properly. Moreover, allowing the gums to recover freely results in a better fitting for the dentures. While your gums are healing, you don’t need to worry about living with a gap between your teeth. You can ask your dentist for a temporary denture as a replacement for missing teeth.

Wearing temporary Dentures

If all of your natural teeth are gone, maybe due to age or disease, or after the extractions, it’s natural for your jawbone to shift. When your gums are healing, they can still be swollen, shrink, and shift, impacting the alignment of dentures. This means that the denture you’re wearing right now will need to be altered afterward to fit your mouth once the healing process is over. You can wear an immediate or temporary denture to eat and speak naturally while your gums recover from the surgery.

However, it’s not compulsory to wear temporary or immediate dentures, and if they are causing irritation or discomfort, you can stop using them. The majority of people only wear them during an official meeting or when going to a party because they prefer not to expose their missing teeth.

Going for Implant-Retained Dentures?

Some patients opt for implant-supported dentures. Such patients will have to wait for about four to six months for the gums to heal. This much time is required for the titanium screws to connect to the jaw bone through osseointegration.
When you visit your dentist for denture placement, he will carry out extensive cleaning before doing any work. If it’s been more than six months since you last visited your dentist, the cleaning will require too much time. The main cleaning requirement is for those patients who want a partial denture as it is directly attached to the remaining teeth.

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