How Many Teeth Do Adults Have

Do you know how many teeth adults have? Nearly all adults have the same number of teeth, but it may vary due to removal or damage. Teeth play an important role in your digestion and bone structure.

The tooth consists of three layers: pulp, dentin, and enamel.

Enamel: The outside layer of your teeth is enamel. This layer protects the inner layers from damage.
Dentin: The central layer is called dentin. Most of your tooth structure consists of dentin.
Pulp: The innermost layer of your tooth is the pulp which consists of blood and nerves.

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have?

When you are 5 years old, you may lose your baby teeth, and your adult teeth will start erupting. In total, adults have 32 teeth, out of which 4 are wisdom teeth. Keeping the third molars away, adults have 28 teeth. When you reach your teenage, you should have all of your adult teeth.

Adult teeth include 4 canines, 8 incisors, 8 premolars, and 12 molars:

Incisors: Incisors are the top and bottom sharp teeth that you use for chewing and holding food. Incisors also let you recognize the type and texture of the food you are eating.
Premolars: These teeth exist between the molars and cuspids. They look very similar to molars, but they consist of two cusps. These teeth help you to cut and tear down the food.
Molars: Out of your 32 teeth, 12 are the top and bottom molars. The large chewing surfaces break the food into smaller pieces before you solve it. Out of these 12 molars, 4 are wisdom teeth which are often removed due to several reasons. Wisdom teeth erupt when you are around 20 years old.
Canines: Canines are the sharp teeth on the top and bottom. The cusps help to hold and tear food.

Is Having Too Much Teeth Good?

Overcrowding for having many teeth can result in issues such as:

  • impacted wisdom teeth
  • higher risk for gum disease
  • malocclusion of the teeth
  • increased decay

These are the reasons why people go for wisdom teeth extraction.

How many teeth do babies have?

Baby teeth erupt at around 6 months of age. But it varies from child to child – some may have a tooth when they are 3 months old, and some may only have a single tooth at the age of 1. Normally all the baby teeth erupt at the age of around 3.

There are 20 baby teeth, out of which 10 are at the top and 10 on the bottom.
Baby teeth erupt and hold places for the adult teeth. When the time comes, the baby teeth fall out, and permanent teeth start coming in.

Even though baby teeth don’t stay longer, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep them clean. Oral hygiene is essential for improved overall health. If your child is vulnerable to tooth decay, it may impact the adult teeth. Therefore, help your child keep their teeth clean.

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