How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Wisdom teeth removal is known to most adults. The eruption of wisdom teeth is problematic for many individuals. The oral issues common with wisdom teeth are:

  • Partially erupted teeth – Sometimes, wisdom teeth erupt partially, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth opening. The result is inflammation, pain and infection.
  • Misaligned eruption – Less space is left for the erupting wisdom teeth, which causes pain and discomfort.
  • Angled – Eruption of wisdom teeth at abnormal angles can cause many oral issues.

Wisdom teeth erupt between the age of 17 to 25. Dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as they erupt because the longer you wait, the stronger the roots of wisdom teeth get. This makes the removal procedure complex and costly. The way your wisdom teeth erupt and when they are extracted influences the cost of wisdom teeth removal.

How much is wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth removal can cost you around $180 to $400 for a single tooth. If your wisdom tooth is impacted, it may cost $200 – $600 for its extraction. If you go for all 4 wisdom teeth removal at once, the cost can be between $1000 – $2000. If you have dental insurance, expect less to pay from your pockets.

How complex the procedure is will determine the cost of surgery. Extraction at a later age or removal of misaligned teeth can extend the surgery time. If all of your wisdom teeth are removed at once, you may get a discount from your dentist.

There are some additional costs associated with the procedure. These are:

  • Diagnostic costs: This includes initial screening and an X-Ray to determine the exact location of decay. The cost is between $60 – $ 150.
  • Treatment options – These are the expenses of local anesthesia plus any other fees such as after-hour appointments or emergency service.
  • Cost of prescription medication

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost with general anesthesia sedation?

If general anesthesia is used during your wisdom tooth removal, the cost of surgery can range from $1000 – $2000. If the surgery includes removing all 4 of your wisdom teeth, the cost can increase slightly, and now the range can be between $1500 – $2100. Those having dental insurance can expect the cost to be covered by their provider.

Is extracting wisdom teeth worth it?

Ignoring wisdom teeth removal isn’t a good idea. We know that extraction of wisdom teeth isn’t a cheap procedure, but ignoring angled or impacted wisdom teeth can be problematic in the future. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it won’t get better, so the only option you have is its removal. So don’t worry about the costs and go for this one-time treatment for a better oral condition.

If you are looking for one of the best places to have your wisdom teeth removed, schedule an appointment with Pearland Family Dentistry. To get in touch, call 832-649-7344.

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