How NTI Treatments Help a Migraine Headache

The pounding and throbbing pain in your head isn’t made up; it’s most likely a migraine. Believe it or not, many migraine headaches are caused by teeth grinding at night during sleep. The easiest solution, you ask? NTI Treatments.

What Are NTI Treatments?

A Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (NTI) tension suppression device fits over the top or bottom teeth to help prevent the back teeth from touching. By wearing this NTI guard, which makes it impossible for the back teeth to touch, teeth grinding isn’t a possibility. Consequently, migraine headaches are essentially eliminated.

Not only are migraine headaches stopped in their tracks, but also jaw pain and neck pain are significantly reduced. This gives you a night of quality sleep and the following day of comfort and maximum productivity. No more temple-massaging and neck-popping at your desk. No more stress and closed-eye wishes of relief. NTI treatments can be your best friend.

How NTI Treatments Work

The mouthguard fits over the front teeth, either top or bottom, and prevents the back teeth from touching while you sleep. Because of this, teeth grinding and jaw clenching are utterly impossible. Without the use of NTI treatments, most people who grind their teeth or clench their jaws at night experience pain the next day. Whether it’s sore jaws or stiff shoulders or a migraine headache, the grinding of teeth is a serious issue that has serious consequences.

The simple decision to use NTI treatments as a solution can prevent potential pain the next morning. Keeping your back teeth from touching completely eliminates the possibility of grinding or clenching. Our molars, the rebels of the teeth family, are primarily responsible for these types of behaviors, which is why NTI treatments are so effective.

Advantages of Using NTI Treatments

Most think the quickest solution for their pain is to use a medicine, to consult a doctor for a prescription, or to explore the many options available on the shelves of their local pharmacy. Little do they know that visiting their local dentist will result in the most convenient, cost-effective and even healthiest solution.A custom fit NTI device as treatment will not only ensure the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long while, but it will help prepare you for the next day by eliminating pain and headaches before they start.

Consult your local dentist, Pearland Family Dentistry, if you’re in the Houston area, for your custom-fit NTI treatment and get some much-deserved rest. Bedtime has never been more attractive.

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