How Often are Deep Cleanings Needed?

Maintaining your oral health starts with excellent home oral care, but it is important to also have the benefits of deep cleanings from a dental professional. Many oral health concerns can be prevented with a combination of daily oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and checkups. However, you may wonder how often you need to receive dental cleanings to maintain your healthy smile.
For general oral care, it is recommended that a professional teeth cleaning is performed every six months to maintain good dental health. These deep cleanings of the teeth remove plaque and tartar that can be missed with home oral care. Using specialized equipment and expertise, dental hygienists can carefully clean the teeth to promote healthy teeth and gums, which can prevent decay and gum disease.

Why Do I Need Deep Cleanings for My Teeth?

Brushing, flossing, and other oral care are important for removing the bacteria that cause decay and infection. However, even these methods are not perfect; you may have some areas that are hard to reach or teeth that are too close together to effectively clean between. It only takes a small hidden area to accumulate plaque that can harden into tartar. This calcium that builds up harbors a haven for bacteria that can attack gum tissue and cause decay if not removed by a professional.
Deep cleanings get into the nooks and crannies you may miss with your regular daily oral hygiene. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, dental cleanings twice a year is sufficient to keep infection and decay at bay. But, if the first signs of gingivitis or gum disease are present, you may need more frequent cleanings or deeper cleanings to remove all the tartar from your teeth and help restore gum health.

Gum Disease and Deep Cleanings

For those with the early stages of gum disease, deep cleanings can provide a more thorough removal of tartar. These may be done every few months and go below the gum line to remove tartar. This is often needed if the gums have begun to recede, leaving pockets between the gums and teeth for bacteria, plaque, and tartar to hide.
At Pearland Dentistry, we emphasize preventive care for our patients to maintain healthy smiles. Routine and deep cleanings at least twice a year are one of the best ways to prevent serious oral health issues. If it has been more than six months since your last dental cleaning, call our office to schedule your appointment.

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