How Safe is Charcoal Whitening?

Activated charcoal is very much different from your typical barbeque charcoal. One emits carbon gases when heated and the other is a grainy powder made up of natural substances. Activated charcoal is adsorbent in nature, and it binds with toxins and odors. This, along with the fact that it has a large surface area, has led many to believe that it will be effective for teeth whitening. How true is this? And how safe is it to apply activated charcoal to your teeth?

Yes, some whitening products contain activated charcoal but…

Some whitening toothpaste and dental kits list activated charcoal as an ingredient. These products claim to clean out plaque, wine/coffee stains, and other deeply set tooth stains.

And while some of these products are quite popular, you will not find the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance on them. This is because there is little to no scientific proof to back the claims that activated charcoal should be applied to the teeth.

Activated charcoal is too abrasive for tooth enamel

In addition to there being little proof that activated charcoal actually whitens teeth, the substance has an abrasive texture. When applied to the teeth rigorously, it erodes tooth enamel, exposing the dentin.

The dentin is yellowish in color and when it becomes exposed, the teeth appear yellow. So if mishandled, rather than whiten your teeth, activated charcoal may end up making them even more discolored.

Before you apply any dental product on your teeth, talk to a dentist. In a bid to save a few bucks with over-the-counter whitening agents, you may end up doing more harm than good to your teeth. If you live/work around Houston, visit Pearland Family Dentistry for all dental consultations. Call 832-649-7344 now to make an appointment.

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