How to Have A Safe Dental Visit

Knowing how to have a safe dental visit is our main concern during this time. With the COVID-19 pandemic, that is especially true. When scheduling appointments, dental visits during COVID-19 can be intimidating. Your first question will most likely be about safety. The measures that are taken to protect you in such a close-contact environment is important. In the case of an emergency, you may have to make an unexpected trip to the dentist and may be concerned with the risk of the virus. Here are some things to take into consideration at your next appointment.

Safety First

If you are wondering how to have a safe dental visit during COVID-19 then some of these tips should help. The debate is clear about the safety of masks, but make no mistake, you need to wear them, especially at the dentist. Masks are mandatory in several places of business, and the dentist is no exception. Furthermore,as the patient, you should consider the risk of not wearing a mask when in direct face-to-face contact at a dentist’s office.  Masks were worn by many dentists prior to the COVID-19 virus and will continue to be worn long after, but the patient should wear one up to the point of the dentist doing an exam or procedure.

Gloves and Hand Washing

In addition to wearing a mask, hand washing and applying gloves is an important factor in staying safe.It is even more vital now than ever that you wash your hands after touching anything. Wearing gloves is a personal choice and not mandatory. However, if you wear them make sure you change them or wash them too after surface or personal contact. Otherwise, you can change gloves after removing them, washing your hands, and properly drying them.

Your Safety is Our Main Concern

Although the patient always comes first, we want you to feel confident that we care about your safety. You can contact us at 832-649-7344 to find out our safety precautions. You may ask any questions to find out how to have a safe dental visit during COVID-19.

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