Is the Root Canal Conspiracy True?

If you are considering root canal therapy as an option for treatment of a dental issue, you may have some questions about the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. You may have already done some research prior to speaking with your dentist, and read some information that caused you some concern.

Certain claims about root canal therapy that discourage patients from getting the care they need are not based in fact. Any controversy surrounding the treatment are actually based on outdated technology, are misleading, unsubstantiated or entirely false.

“Save a Tooth or Save a Life”

Much of the controversy about root canal therapy stems from questionable research done over a hundred years ago. An opinion at that time was that a tooth’s root could not be adequately disinfected, leaving the patient susceptible to infection that might ultimately lead to various illnesses.

Similar controversies claim that root canal therapy is a painful, unnecessary treatment for a tooth that should be extracted rather than restored. This, too, is based on the presumption that a root canal-treated tooth cannot be saved.

The Truth About Root Canal Therapy

The truth is, root canal therapy is a highly effective treatment to prevent the spread of oral infection and preserve the patient’s natural teeth. Thanks to modern dental technology and pain management, root canal therapy is far less painful than the conditions it is designed to treat.

The truth is, it is always preferable to save a natural tooth whenever possible. There is no better substitute for the teeth you were born with in both function and appearance, even considering how good today’s replacements are.
Extraction and replacement of a natural tooth often requires additional surgery for adjacent teeth to be successful, and is a more extensive and expensive alternative to root canal.

The truth is, no scientific research is available that can connect root canal therapy with illness in the body of any patient who has received the treatment. Damaged tissue can be safely and effectively removed from a tooth with no more discomfort than for a tooth extraction.

Talk to Your Dentist

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