Make Your Dentist Happy – Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

Brushing your teeth properly is not terribly complicated but it is important to do it correctly, and the biggest factor in determining whether you are brushing properly is the length of time you spend brushing your teeth. Unfortunately in today’s busy society, people are often hurried in the mornings are rarely spend the appropriate amount of time brushing their teeth. The correct amount of time to spend brushing is at least two full minutes. This may be disconcerting to some and if you were to time yourself with a stopwatch, you may find that two minutes seems like a very long time. There are some difficult areas to reach within your mouth and the best way to reach all of them is with a careful, thorough brushing.

Time is not the only factor to proper brushing however. Technique is also very important. Your focus should be all outer surfaces of your upper teeth, followed by all inner surfaces of your upper teeth. You can then turn your attention the outside surfaces of your lower teeth and then the inner surfaces of your lower teeth. If you make these steps routine, you will find that it is easy to build a two-minute brushing habit. Once the outer and inner surfaces are finished, it is time to focus on the chewing surfaces of your upper and lower teeth, particularly those teeth located far to the back of your mouth.

In order to maintain fresh breath and fewer bacteria in your mouth, it is also a good idea to brush the surface of your tongue, which can also harbor bacteria. Since this bacteria is what causes tooth decay, it is important to remove as much of it from your mouth as possible during brushing.

Here are some important hints regarding the products you use for brushing your teeth.

Your Toothbrush

There are different types of toothbrushes available, which offer a wide range of designs. The shape of the handle and the head are both personal choices, but it is often recommended that a smaller bristle head is best because it allows you to maneuver the brush into those hard-to-reach areas better.

There are also choices you have in terms of the firmness of the brush bristles. These range from hard to soft, and many dentists recommend that soft-bristled brushes do a better job of removing plaque from your teeth.

For many, the best choice is an electric toothbrush because it does a superior job at cleaning your teeth and keeping them free from debris and bacteria.

Your toothbrush won’t last forever and it is important to recognize when it is time to replace your brush, whether you use a conventional toothbrush or a powered toothbrush. When the bristles begin to show signs of visible wear, it is time to replace your brush. You will also want to replace your toothbrush after suffering any illness or cold because the brush can harbor germs that can cause your illness to return.

Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste products today offer a wide array of choices so there should be something to satisfy just about anyone’s taste, and toothpastes are formulated for specific purposes including plaque fighting toothpaste, tartar control, sensitive teeth toothpaste and even teeth whitening toothpaste.

If you are confused about the best way to brush your teeth and the best products for your particular dental condition, call us at Pearland Family Dentistry today. We will be happy to offer advice regarding your teeth and we can make recommendations for the best techniques and products for you to use to keep your teeth healthy.

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