The Negative Effects of Smoking on Oral Health

Smoking is a terrible habit to have. It affects your entire body, from your internal organs to your mouth. Over time, smoking deteriorates your health. You will not feel the impact of smoking on your health now, but down the line, you might regret your decision to take up smoking. If you do not cut down on the number of times you smoke in a day, it will lead to the following oral health problems:

  • Smoking Can Cause Oral Cancer

In order to prevent oral cancer to spreading to other parts of the body, it will require people to seek surgery. Smoking can also cause lung cancer. People diagnosed with cancer will tell you that you do not want to go through the turmoil of going into the operating room, eating a variety of different medications, and receiving chemotherapy.

Why increase your chances of being diagnosed with oral cancer when you can take steps to prevent it from occurring? If you have a family history of oral cancer, you should not be smoking at all. Protect your mouth and stop smoking or at least try to limit the number of times you light it up.

  • Smoking Can Cause Bad Breath and Tooth Discoloration

Most people who smoke try to cover their foul breath with mints or gum. Even though they may be successful at masking their breath, they will find it harder to hide their stained teeth. Their stained and yellow teeth are due to the chemicals found in cigarettes.

When you smoke, the chemicals stick to your teeth like glue, browning them. You can visit your dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. However, if you continue to smoke hereafter, your teeth will start to become yellow all over again.

  • Smoking Can Cause Bone Loss and Periodontal Disease

Smoking can increase an individual’s risk of periodontal disease. It can cause people’s gum to recede and their teeth to fall out. Habitual smoking can cause bone loss in the jaw as well. People who smoke several times a day are advised to visit their dentists regularly so he or she can keep a check on the present condition of their teeth. If the dentist detects anything out of the ordinary that indicates gum disease, they can treat it right away before it progresses.

How Many Times Should You Visit Your Dentist?

People who smoke regularly should make sure to visit their dentist once every month. The dentist will inspect their entire mouth looking for signs of oral cancer. People with a family history of oral cancer should ask their dentist on how often they should come in for a dental examination. A basic dental examination consists of the dentist checking the patient’s cheeks, throat, and tongue.

If you are looking for a reliable dental clinic with an experienced dental staff, you should visit Pearland Family Dentistry. Always remember, your teeth are an important part of your personality so take care of them.

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