Now there Is a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth Shouldn’t Mean Missing Out on Life

There are few things that stand out as much as missing teeth. At Pearland Family Dentistry, we have an affordable and safe way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the safe and permanent solution for missing teeth. Permanent implants fit smoothly into the space where your missing tooth or teeth were. Implants are a much better option than a bridge or dentures. There is no need to remove and risk misplacing it while eating. Food particles and bacteria will not build up in the space between your plate and your gums. You can floss and brush just as if they were your natural teeth.

Dental Implants are Safe and Affordable

People with missing teeth are missing out on more of life and exposing themselves to unnecessary health problems. A missing tooth means the bone in the jaw isn’t being stimulated, and this can lead to a weak bone. Additionally, the teeth surrounding the missing tooth or teeth will not have the support of the missing tooth and will begin to move or shift. This can cause the movement of adjacent teeth, creating gaps in your teeth and more problems chewing because food will become lodged in those gaps.

In addition, people with missing teeth might feel self-conscious and avoid smiling or minimize conversations with friends, relatives and new acquaintances. Have you ever seen someone hold their hand in front of their mouth while talking? That is likely because they are self-conscious about their missing teeth. If you want to smile for pictures again, then dental implants are the perfect solution.

A dental implant consists of three parts:

  • Titanium Post
  • Abutment
  • Crown

In a dental implant procedure, the titanium post acts as the tooth root. It is surgically inserted into the area where the missing tooth was located. The post is left inside the bone until a process called Osseo integration occurs. Osseo integration means the post is now part of the bone and is extremely strong. The dentist will create a custom crown and attach it to the abutment on top of the post. This will complete the entire process, leaving you with a new worry-free smile.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. They are made to look and act like natural teeth and are easier to care for than other dental options.

Is a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth Right for You?

Do you wonder if dental implants are your permanent solution for missing teeth? The only way to really find out is to visit a Pearland Family Dentist Office. The dentist will do a thorough interview and examine the site of your missing tooth or teeth. You will receive a professional diagnosis and recommendation. At Pearland Family Dentistry, our dentists are well trained and experienced in the dental implant procedure. If you or a loved one have missing teeth, call (832) 649-7344 to make an appointment or use our convenient online scheduling and see if dental implants are a solution.

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