NTI Treatments Provide Quick Relief for Migraines

Those who suffer from migraine headaches will want to know about NTI treatments if they haven’t heard about them already. Waking up in the morning with morning headaches, a sore jaw, stiff or sore neck or sensitive teeth is no fun. These symptoms may be a sign that you are clenching or grinding your teeth. The solution to these annoying discomforts may be in a small device.

NTI Treatments

Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System or NTI-tss is a little device that is used orally to inhibit grinding and clenching of the teeth. It is worn over the top or bottom front teeth when you sleep. This small device can prevent the discomfort you experience each morning.

Traditional Mouthguards vs NTI Treatment

When using regular mouthguards, your teeth are prevented from occluding or coming together, but you are still able to bite down on the mouthguard surface. The advantage of the NTI treatments is that your molars are prevented from touching at all. The pressure normally exerted when you clench or grind your teeth is reduced considerably and that reflex is suppressed.

Pain Reduction

Developed for the reduction of migraine headaches, NTI Treatment reduces pain within a few days for most patients. Within about two months patients report significant pain reduction. In fact, a clinical trial revealed that a 77% reduction in migraine pain was felt by 82% of the participants. This FDA approved device has helped thousands of people.

Talk to your Pearland dentist about NTI treatments for relief of your migraine or tension headache pain. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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