Oral Care 101: Simple dental routine most people get wrong

Here at Pearland Family Dentistry most of our patients take great care of their teeth. We have mothers telling us they don’t understand why their little kid has bad teeth when she makes them clean their teeth every day. We have adults who swear they have taken great care of their teeth every day and cannot understand how they can run into dental problems. The simple answer to this is that most of us do dental care at home the wrong way. We don’t really go around asking how we should brush our teeth; we just pick up the toothbrush and start scrubbing. Here is a basic guide to what you need to do:

Brush Right

Most of us spend the most time cleaning the front of our teeth even though it is the one which needs brushing the least. If you are properly brushing then you should be spending at the very least a full 2 minutes on it.

Gentle Strokes

You know what causes dental problems? The little food particles stuck here and there between your teeth. Brushing roughly will never get rid of them. You need to gently brush your teeth, allowing the toothbrush to slowly get in those gaps and dislodge any particles inside. Brush fast but keep a light touch; if you put too much pressure the bristles of your toothbrush bend and become less efficient.

Get the right brush

Do not get a hard brush. Getting a brush with hard bristles is the easiest way to cause permanent damage to your gums. You won’t even be able to buy a hard brush from anywhere as most reputable companies have stopped making them. Go for a brush with soft bristles to get the best cleaning experience possible.


Mouthwash is not useless. It helps you get rid of bacteria and odor which gives your teeth a much longer life. Even if you don’t use mouthwash every day we would highly recommend keeping a bottle in your cabinet and using it every now and then. Do remember to use it when you have had foods that are particularly damaging for your teeth.


This is the biggest mistake people do not make. If you aren’t flossing, it is just as bad as not brushing. Yes, we know that your teeth look clean and smell good after using a toothbrush. What you do not see are the soft food particles stuck between your teeth. These particles can be stuck inside for a long time and they will cause long-lasting damage from the inside out. You will end up losing your teeth just because you do not floss.

The best part is that flossing feels great. When you start flossing your teeth will feel much cleaner than ever before. The first flossing experience is downright eye-opening. Flossing is also very cheap and easy to do. If you don’t believe us then simply go out and get some floss. Run it through your teeth. Now, smell the string. It will smell absolutely disgusting and you will floss every single day from then on.

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