Pearland Dentist Offers Up Smiles

What’s better than a great smile? The confidence you get when you flash those pearly whites.

It’s true. When you feel the need to hide your smile, your confidence goes down the drain. Don’t let that happen! There are so many options out there to improve your smile. Take action!

In addition to a better smile and more confidence, you get the benefit of a healthy mouth. Let’s look at a couple of services offered to give you the smile you deserve.


This is a restorative treatment that is minimally invasive. Veneers improve the shape, positioning and color of your teeth. If you hide your smile because of misshapen teeth, gaps, or chips, this may be a great option for you. Veneers are basically porcelain covers for the tooth’s surface. With good oral health, these should last between 5 and 10 years.


These also restore your teeth, but crowns encase teeth rather than covering them. Most of the time, this procedure is a two-time office visit, but Pearland Family Dentistry has gotten it down to just one visit using particular crowns, so it’s not so much of a burden on your time.


You need to keep that smile shining bright. Follow these tips to keep your healthy and beautiful smile.

• Regular dental visits
Don’t got to the dentist only when you are in pain. You should visit at least twice a year to prevent decay.

• Brush
…and do it properly. You might think you know, but you’d be surprised. Ask your hygienist to show you the proper way, just in case.

• Floss
Do it. If you don’t, you get plaque buildup and it could destroy your teeth. The key to flossing falls in getting below the gum line, but who wants bits of food stuck between their teeth anyway?

• Limit snacking on sugary food and drinks
The more sugar in your mouth, the more acidic, which will soften the outer layer of the teeth. Make sure to brush within 30 minutes after consuming sugary food and drinks, or at least try to rinse your mouth out if you can’t brush.

Smile with Confidence

If you feel like your confidence has been drained because of your appearance, head straight to Pearland Family Dentistry, off of Pearland Parkway in Pearland. Not only can they get you beaming again, but they also offer emergency services if you need them. Get that beautiful smile!! Set up an appointment online or call a Pearland dentist at 281-997-1943.

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