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Your smile has the ability to light up the room, but for how long it can do that depends on your habits. As Pearland Family Dentistry tells its patients that in the end, it is their responsibility to ensure that their smile never disappears. As dentists, we want our patients to be proud of their smile and not afraid to bare their teeth in pictures. Therefore, we encourage them and their family members to follow healthy teeth cleaning habits. The habits to save your smile are:

1. Do Not Brush Your Teeth too Roughly or Fast

By brushing your teeth too fast, you are doing the opposite of brushing; you are scrubbing your teeth as if it is the surface of a floor. Doing it excessively and everyday will cause the enamel to wear away, resulting in your teeth becoming overly sensitive. This practice of brushing will also cause your gums to diminish. Brush your teeth using a soft or medium toothbrush using firm strokes.

2. Do Not Brush Your Teeth after Drinking and Eating Acidic Food and Drinks

Acidic food plays a significant part in eroding the enamel. You need to wait at least half an hour to brush your teeth.

3. Do Not Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Pearland dentists are a strong advocate of brushing your teeth regularly, but it is the excessive brushers we fear for the most. You only need to brush twice or thrice each day after consuming your main meals to remove the buildup of plague.

4. Neglecting to Brush the Entire the Surfaces of the Teeth

Cleaning the front surface of the teeth is just as important as cleaning the back and upper surface of the teeth. Yet, people neglect to clean those surfaces for reasons unknown to us. Our guess is that they might in a hurry in the morning, and who is going to look at the inside of their mouth? A dentist will have to eventually and they will tell you that the cavities and the buildup of plague are all associated with failing to clean the entire surfaces of the teeth.

5. Neglecting to Floss

You need to make a habit of flossing your teeth after eating the main meals of the day. The fine thread of the floss will reach places in your teeth where a bristle of a brush can never reach. It will remove scarps that cause tooth decay due to the buildup of plague.

6. Neglecting to Pay Attention to Bleeding Gums

When you see blood coming out of your mouth as you brush or after you rinse your mouth, it is an issue that you need to take seriously. Do not brush it off, telling yourself, you will deal with it later, as the more you ignore, the worse it will get. Next thing you know, your dentist is telling you that you have gum disease with you nodding your head saying that you spotted the signs earlier on, but failed to act on it.

Pearland Family Dentistry offers Restorative Dental Care for people who want to renew their smile and never repeat the same mistakes again.

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