Should I Be Worried About The Blood In My Mouth?

Usually, blood in the mouth is not a condition to be scared of, be it in the morning or after sleeping for a few hours. However, it is not considered normal. There are many reasons to see blood in the mouth mixed with saliva after spitting first thing in the morning. One of the most common causes is the condition known as bruxism. Let’s see what it is and then move on to others.

What Is Bruxism, And How Is It Related To Blood In Mouth?

One of the major reasons for blood appearing in the mouth every morning after sleeping is bruxism. It is a condition in which there is continuous pressure on the teeth due to clenching. The gums or gingiva start bleeding because of the force. Usually, this occurs during sleeping, so blood is seen in the mouth in the morning or after naps.

Other Reasons for Blood in Mouth

Apart from bruxism, there are other conditions that may lead to blood buildup in the mouth.

1. Periodontal Disease

In a few cases, the bleeding is due to gum disease. Gum inflammation is known as gingivitis which, if not treated on time, progresses to periodontal disease. The main reason for the disease development is inadequate brushing and flossing.

2. Smoking

Don’t be so shocked, smoking along with other health hazards, weakens the teeth and gums due to the presence of toxins. This causes blood in the mouth that is often seen after brushing in the morning.

Moreover, smoking also takes a toll on the immune systH2. A weak immune systH2 will let the bacteria grow, leading to infections ultimately, blood in the mouth in the morning after sleeping or in general.

3. Hormonal changes

It is found that women are more susceptible to mouth bleeding. It is most common during pregnancy and/or menstruation. However, this phenomenon is not very common.

4. Diet

Proper diet helps fight inflammation responses that occur with gingivitis. No inflammation, no bleeding.

5. Blood Blisters in Mouth

This condition is also known as Angina Bullosa HH2orrhagica (ABH). It is a rare disorder of purple or dark colored blisters filled with blood in the mouth. They can appear anytime and stay on for a few days before bursting. Luckily, they heal quickly without leaving a scar on the face.


The treatment plan depends on the root cause of the problH2. If the blood in mouth is only in the morning, then it may be due to bruxism. Mouthguards work well to protect the teeth from clenching. It is a specialized custom made guard grooved according to your teeth shape.

As far as periodontal disease is concerned, there are two plans available; surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical treatments include flap surgery, gum tissue grafts, or bone grafting surgery. On the other hand, non-surgical options include scaling, rooting, and treatment via antibiotics.
A blood blister in the mouth usually does not need external assistance; it either shrinks or bursts independently.

Lifestyle Changes For Prevention of Blood Accumulation In Mouth

  • Proper brush and floss regime
  • Use a soft toothbrush
  • Salt water rinse
  • Dental cleaning by a professional
  • Avoid smoking

As dentists at Pearland Family Dentistry, we make sure to deal thoroughly with the blood in mouth issue so that you wake up happy every morning after sleeping. For proper consultation and treatment, call 832-649-7344.

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