Teeth Vs Bones

You are not wrong if you think that teeth are bones just by the looks of it. They are white and sturdy, so it is natural for a commoner to have this established. However, this theory is wrong. Teeth are not bones, and we are here to tell you why.

Granted, there are similarities since teeth and bones in the human body are mostly made of minerals, namely calcium and phosphorus. For bones, there are additional constituents such as sodium along with collagen, which gives it an edge.

Are Teeth Stronger Than Bones? What Are They Made of?

Teeth have their strength, but they are not living matter. There is an absence of collagen and proteins in them; so no, teeth are not stronger than bones. However, they are sufficient enough to help keep up with the consistent wear and tear. Teeth have 4 layers:

Enamel – the surface-level protective cover that safeguards the innermost sensitive layers from external triggers, i.e. the food.

Dentin – Right under the surface lies the dentin, and it has small tube-like structures in it that is responsible for sending signals. Dentin can be seen covering the gums with the main function of contacting the nerves of your teeth.

Cementum – is more like a bridge between the root and gums, under the gum line that helps connect the teeth with the jaw bone.

Pulp – is responsible for sending signals toward the brain in case it detects any activity. The junction of nerves and vessels works up when a cavity is present since typically, teeth are not supposed to feel zaps of pain.

Teeth and Bones – The Difference

What are teeth and bones made of? Both structures are a part of the skeletal system of humans. They mainly constitute of calcium, but there are some differences that distinguishes them as separate entities.


Since both teeth and bones of the body have calcium as a component does not make them same. What makes bone superior in strength and different from teeth is the presence of collagen in it. This protein toughens the bones to withstand the pressure and overall body weight.
Whereas if we look at teeth, hey don’t have any material present in them, so naturally, they can only bear the wear and tear of eating and biting.


No types of teeth have the function of healing itself; this regeneration is reserved for a few organs only, and bone is one of them. Your teeth can’t heal once broken, so there are only cosmetic or restorative options to deal with it.

Structural Dissimilarities

The presence of teeth and bones is one the major differences we can spot between the two. The bone is a meshwork of vessels, contains collagen along with living component and are present throughout the body, even ears. On the other hand, the teeth has 4 layers and are only present in the mouth.

Final Outlook

The teeth vs bones battle ends here. No, they are not the same. They are similar in looks because of minerals, but their presence, strength and functionality all are different. Bones can regenerate, but teeth can’t. So, if your pearly whites need restoration, get in touch with the dentists of Pearland Family Dentistry for help. Call at 832 649 7344 for help.

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