Telltale Signs Of How Cavities Look Like On Teeth

Does your mouth sting when you eat anything, either hot or cold? Well, it might indicate the presence of cavities in your teeth. If you want to know what do cavities look like and tips for easily spotting them, give this piece a read for your answers. Let’s discuss everything you need to know.

What are Cavities?

A cavity, or precisely a dental cavity, is a hole in one or more of your teeth caused because of the enamel breaking down. This hole emerges due to the gradual accumulation of food debris and its reaction with the bacteria residing in your mouth.

What Do Cavities Look Like On Teeth?

Cavities are also referred to as dental caries, and they have different appearances. One of the main markers in color; the tones range from brown to black or even white spots. The color, however, is not random and depends on the stage at which your cavity buildup is in.

You must be thinking about how cavities present themselves or look like when it grows on the sides or front of the tooth? It entirely depends on the growth pattern. A cavity appears sort of light brown spots during their early stages, which mimics the stains left by beverages such as tea or coffee, and then turns black in color.

Cavities primarily look like a dot, black lines, or even hollow holes. If the issue is left untreated, they progress and start covering up the entire tooth, making their way into the sensitive layers, resulting in pain and sensitivity. Once inside the deep layers, a cavity is irreversible; however, there are methods of coping up with it.

Signs of a Cavity on the Tooth

  • Sharp pain at rest
  • Hole on the tooth
  • Black or brown spots/lines growing
  • Bad mouth odor
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Gum bleed
  • Pain at the time pressure is applied

How Do Cavities Look Like In Children

Children and cavity growth go side by side. The age range 5-15 are a more prone group of people to suffer from cavities. Are you thinking, what if cavities look any different on the teeth of the children? Visually, they seem the same, starting off with black or brown spots and then later engulfing the entire tooth. However, the time it takes to happen is relatively less than a grown man’s.

Cavity In Between the Teeth

We should not overlook the fact that a cavity can grow between 2 teeth as well. Inquisitive about it? It happens when plaque because of food debris is not cleaned correctly from between the sides of the teeth. Such kinds are not visible by naked eyes. That is why dental experts suggest getting an X.-ray done to have a better understanding.

How Do Cavities Look Like on an X-ray?

On an X-ray sheet, the cavity will appear like a dark black area in between 2 teeth with a specific shape indicating decay as opposed to white teeth. X-rays always help the dentist detect the cavity size; however, it does not help assess depth.

Treatments for Cavities?

Dental restoration is possible via the following

  • Use of fillers
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride toothpaste usage
  • Good brushing and, most importantly, flossing technique
  • Crown
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Healthy eating regime
  • Cutting down sugary food items from the diet
  • Oil pulling method


With all the signs, symptoms, and visual aids mentioned above, you now know what cavities look like in reality and how they present on an X-ray. Still, we recommend you ask a professional if there are cavities on your teeth before it progresses further. The Pearland Family Dentistry is one of the most competent professionals for this issue. Contact at 832 649 7344 for details or an appointment.

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