The Advantages of Getting Dental Sealants

We all have those problem areas where food and stains like to build up. Your dental hygienist probably spends most of their time there when you visit for your cleanings. Among those areas are some that we all share, the back molars. One option that can help ensure good health of those areas for a longer period of time is getting dental sealants.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings, made of clear or white plastic, that are bonded to the teeth. They’re placed on the surface of the back teeth, generally the molars and premolars, in effort to protect them and help stand guard against decay. It’s a preventative measure that continues to be a popular option for many who wish to take every step available in protecting their smile and oral health.

Who is Eligible for Dental Sealants?

While some adults explore the option of dental sealants, the most common patient to explore them happens to be children. Since the sealants provide a barrier of protection against decay, children are the number one candidate needing them. Blame it on the candy or poor brushing habits, but having sealants applied to their teeth is like a little insurance policy against cavities. They are available for adults, too, but it’s the children that seem to have the most difficulty keeping their teeth in pearly white condition.

The Pros of Getting Dental Sealants

While brushing will essentially keep your teeth clean on the surface, getting dental sealants is an additional step in the right direction. They’re extremely effective in reducing cavities. Having sealants on your molars is nearly invisible, which makes them able to provide coverage and protection without advertising that they’re there. Once applied, dental sealants last for a long time. Oftentimes, they last for several years and are easily checked during routine cleanings and then reapplied if necessary.

The application process itself is simple and painless, and is generally completed in a few minutes per tooth. The sealant is painted directly onto the enamel of the tooth after a cleaning. Once brushed on, it bonds and adheres to the tooth becoming hard during the process. The hardening allows the sealant to fill in any grooves on the surface of the tooth ensuring the longevity of its protection.

If you’re in or around the Houston area, reach out to Pearland Family Dentistry to discuss the option of dental sealants among many other services they offer.

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