Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down: What Are The Reasons?

Dentists daily encounter patients that say, “My tooth hurts when I bite down.” If you are one of them, this article will be the best piece of information you would have read so far!

There are several factors that that result in tooth pain when biting down. Learning about the warning signs will make you aware of the causes behind your aching tooth. If your teeth are hurting when eating or biting down, it can be due to these 7 oral issues:


Do you often experience tooth pain or sensitivity when you eat something? Cavities can give you a nagging toothache after eating specific foods. When you have a cavity, anything like soda, chocolate brownie, or even coffee can be troublesome for you. Food debris can get stuck in large cavities, causing pressure that gives you pain.

Unlevelled Tooth, Filling, or Crown

If your tooth, filling, or dental crown is not in level with the other teeth, your tooth may hurt when you bite down. You may experience this discomfort after the treatment is over, and the numbing agent fades away. The neighboring tooth may also feel uncomfortable because of uneven pressure laid on it when you bite down.

Dental Abscess

If your tooth hurts when you bite down, the reason could be an abscess around the root’s tip. The abscess leads to swelling that exerts pressure on the tooth and causes pain.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can be one of the reasons why your tooth hurts when you bite down.
Whenever you eat and experience pain and discomfort, you should head to your dentist for a checkup. During the appointment, the dentist will examine the level of attachment around each tooth. Any symptoms of swelling, bleeding, exposed tooth roots will call for immediate treatment.

Cracked Tooth 

A cracked or chipped tooth is extremely difficult to diagnose because it shows no prominent symptoms other than a toothache when you chew. If your tooth hurts after having a meal, it’s important to note if the ache is generating from a particular point.

Gum Recession

Gum recession may not cause toothache when you eat or bite down, but you may have extreme sensitivity if force is exerted on the tooth’s exposed roots. When you are having a meal, and there’s a collision between food and the root surface, you may experience pain on that point. Injury, teeth clenching and grinding, gum disease, and aggressive tooth brushing all lead to gum recession.   

Take Care of the Tooth Pain

If you think your tooth pain will fade away on its own, that isn’t easy. Most body pains go away with rest or pain medications, but tooth pain means something alarming is happening that needs instant care.

Get Medical Help

If any one tooth or many of your teeth hurt when you eat something, book an appointment with Pearland Family Dentistry. We will help you take care of your teeth and that beautiful smile. To get in touch, call 832-649-7344.

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