Tooth Pain From Sinus Infection

A leading cause of tooth pain can be a sinus infection or sinusitis (sinus inflammation). Sinusitis is a condition that occurs when a person experiences swelling and inflammation in the tissue that is lining the sinuses. Tooth pain from a sinus infection is felt in the upper back teeth. The toothache is caused due to sinus pressure and the flow of bacterial liquid from sinus infections.

Differentiating Between Regular Vs Sinus Infection Tooth Pain

Because the signs and symptoms of a regular toothache and sinus tooth pain are very similar, people often get confused between the two culprits. One difference between the two is that toothache from the sinus often causes pain in multiple teeth, which is usually experienced in the upper molars. If your teeth hurt and along with it you experience some other symptoms that are listed below, know that the reason behind your tooth pain is sinusitis. Some patients also complain of having fever and low energy levels.

Symptoms of Sinus Tooth Pain

A sinus infection begins as a normal cold most of the time but gradually turns into a severe condition. Some of the most prominent causes of sinusitis include fungal infections, allergies, and a sudden air pressure change. Having a weak immune system also makes a person more prone to sinus infection.

The signs and symptoms of sinusitis resemble those of nasal allergy or cold. A person may experience a runny nose, cough, or head congestion.

More of the symptoms of sinusitis are:

  • thick mucus
  • fever
  • bad-tasting nasal drip
  • bad smell in the mouth
  • earache
  • tenderness around eyes or nose
  • hoarse voice
  • low energy
  • loss of smell and taste
  • sore throat

Remedies for sinus infection

Several ways are present that can help you treat sinus infections. The best action is to get the treatment immediately. Here are some home remedies that can help you relieve tooth pain from a sinus infection.

Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated can help you relieve sinus congestion. Go with water and other healthy shakes and juices. Doing so will help in thinning the mucus, which in return alleviates the pressure in the sinuses. A hot serving of soup can be very soothing for your condition.

Rinsing your sinuses
Rinse your sinuses with salty water to eliminate the allergens and moisturize your sinuses. A nasal sprayer can be of help.

Inhaling steam can help relieve the pain from sinus pressure and open the clogged nasal passages. Take a bowl of boiling water and place your face right above it. Make sure to put a towel above your head to cover your face. Keep inhaling for a few minutes.

Avoid decongestant nasal sprays
Decongestant nasal sprays can help find relief from sinus congestion for a short time, but overusing can wash away the benefits. This can result in rebound congestion rather than stopping the congestion. After sometime later, your body may even become tolerant to it.

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