Understanding Reasons Behind Teeth Discoloration

There are a couple of parameters of hygiene which giveaway a sense of personality. Stained and discolored teeth is one of the many offsetting variables including bad breath, unsettling body language, unfiled nails, unkempt hair and the list goes on.

Tooth discoloration refers to staining of the teeth which causes them to appear yellow, brown or gray. This blog attempts to cover a few important reasons why you might develop stains on your teeth.

Chewing Tobacco and Smoking

Smoking and tobacco use is a root cause of multiple problems. While they can trigger and most likely add up to systemic health issues related to heart and respiratory functioning; smoking and excessive tobacco use can also cause visible teeth staining. Staining can be a signifier for more complicated oral health problems.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Failing to follow an oral hygiene routine can cause severe oral health implications. Oral hygiene includes regular brushing, flossing and deep cleaning. Failing to comply with regular and deep cleanings can result in bacteria buildup that causes teeth staining.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Certain nutrient deficiencies can cause teeth discoloration such as calcium, zinc and vitamin D. Hence, it is extremely important to incorporate essential nutrients in your diet.

Systemic Health Problems

Similarly, teeth staining can be a medical indicator of liver problems, celiac disease and metabolic dysfunction.

Food Choices

Mindful and healthy eating can help sustain optimal oral health. Certain foods are probable, and even times leading reasons for teeth staining. Excessive use of substances such as tea, coffee, red wine can be leading causes to the mentioned issue.


Fluoride is an active teeth cleaning agent used in toothpastes and mouthwashes. However, excessive and unsupervised use of fluoride can cause benefits to reverse and turn into consequential dental issues. Fluorosis is primarily a cosmetic dental issue which causes visible white spots on teeth enamel.


Age is a contributing factor for teeth discoloration. As you grow older, functional integrity of your teeth starts to wear off gradually causing the enamel to thin out. As a result, teeth might start to appear to look whitish and yellow.

Dental Treatments

Depending on the extent of treatment, dental restorations, fillings and root canals can also hinder the uniformity of the look of your teeth.

Conclusive Remarks

Teeth discoloration is dependent on factors such as nutrient deficiency, poor oral hygiene, age, underlying health condition, fluorosis, tobacco use.

However, this issue can be reversed by simple lifestyle changes and dental treatments. If discolored teeth are also causing your confidence to stutter, reach out to Pearland Family Dentistry at 11508 Pearland Pkwy Suite 600, Houston, TX 77089. Dial (832 ) 649-7344 for booking an appointment and get started with your teeth whitening journey!

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