What are Some Possible Root Canal Complications?

When the interior of a tooth becomes infected or diseased, a root canal treatment may need to be performed to repair and protect the tooth. This procedure is often one of the only ways to save the tooth, treat the infection to protect your health and stop any pain. Root canal therapy has a very high success rate and most treatments are completed without any problems. But like all surgeries, there are possible complications that can occur.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is endodontic surgery that removes infected or diseased pulp from inside the tooth’s root canals, thus where the procedure gets its name. It is usually needed when severe decay enters the canals of the tooth or there is other damage to the exterior that allows bacteria to enter the inner canals. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp from the tooth canals and the interior of the tooth is disinfected, then filled and sealed. This can prevent further infection or abscesses from damaging the tooth and bone, saving the tooth.

Possible Complications After a Root Canal

In most cases, root canal therapy has a quick recovery. If you need a root canal, it is often completed in one visit, with possible secondary visits to add a dental crown to protect the tooth. After the procedure, it is normal for the tooth to be sore or tender for a few days, but this quickly fades and should not interfere with your normal activities. However, there are rare complications that can occur, including:

  • Continued infection if not all bacteria are removed from the inner tooth canals
  • The seal on the tooth is incomplete or becomes worn
  • There are cracks in the tooth root that were not identified

In most cases, root canals can help a tooth last a lifetime. Following the recommended home care after the procedure can help improve the success rate of a root canal. If pain persists, you have a fever or there is redness or swelling around the treated tooth, you will want to call for a follow-up appointment to ensure there is not any residual infection left in the tooth.

Our team at Pearland Family Dentistry offers experience and expertise for our dental procedures, including performing root canals. We use the latest dental technology and equipment to ensure we provide the most meticulous care during your procedure to help prevent the possibility of any complications. If you have a painful infected or damaged tooth, you can trust our dental experts to perform your root canal and protect your oral and overall health.

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