What Are The Different Types Of Braces?

Different types of braces are suggested to promote your teeth’ alignment, such as metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and lingual braces. Different braces are recommended to different individuals as all the types of braces come with several advantages and disadvantages.
Read further to know all the kinds of braces and their benefits/ drawbacks, to decide which type of brace will be perfect for you.


The traditional metal braces contain brackets and wires made of metal attached to the teeth to modify their positioning. The invention of heat-activated archwires is an excellent complement to these conventional orthodontic devices. The archwires make use of the body heat inside the mouth to align the teeth quicker than it was possible before, making the process less uncomfortable.
These are the best orthodontal braces as they can align almost all types of teeth. And also the cheapest ones. Traditional metal braces are quite noticeable, so if you are very conscious about your appearance, use the colored metal bands designed for these calipers.

The Ceramic:

Ceramic braces are identical to metal ones but more expensive, relatively. These braces’ size and shape are almost the same as metal braces, but they are made of ceramic material to match the color with teeth. Due to the blending of ceramic, with teeth’s color, they are less noticeable.
The rest of the advantages are the same. They are similarly successful in retaining the alignment of teeth as the traditional ones. Yet, the only plus point is their color.

The Lingual:

These braces are also made of metal, but they are placed from behind the teeth. Now, this placement tends to keep them invisible, but the patients might find these more uncomfortable.
These braces take more time to achieve the desired alignment than the traditional metal braces, and because they are in direct contact with the tongue, some patients might feel uneasy.

The Invisalign:

The Invisalign is the most well-defined braces. These use plastic aligners instead of any wires or brackets and are replaced throughout the treatment to get the desired results.
Most people need around 15-30 sets of Invisalign till the end of their treatment. These braces are highly favorable if the patient requires only a slight alignment. However, they are costly.
Lastly, people often think that braces can fix the teeth permanently. In reality, there is no such thing. They only direct our teeth in a specific direction to improve the appearance of our teeth.

Can you kiss with braces? Well, love has no boundaries, right? So, yes! You can kiss them on, just as you used to without them. You will need to wait a few days until you get comfortable with them, and then you can enjoy everything.

End Point

So, decide which type of braces you would want to wear and book your appointments now. For details, call Pearland Family Dentistry at 832-649-7344.

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